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11 Luxury Dog Beds To Pamper Your Dreamer

Eight-month-old English Show Cocker Spaniel puppy, lying in dog bed with head and paws over side. Looking straight at camera.

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Sinking into a comfortable luxury dog bed after a long ‘hard’ day of play, snuggles, and walkies is a dream for any pooch. Dogs spend around 18 hours a day sleeping. So if any species deserves an outrageously comfortable, luxurious sleep, it’s dogs. That’s why we’ve sniffed out some of the best luxury dog beds.

Before we dive into that big comfy duvet, we’re sharing a whistle-stop guide on how to choose the best dog bed. Surprisingly, there’s more to it than you think!

How to choose the perfect dog bed?

Choose a material based on your dog’s needs: Luxury dog beds are available in a variety of materials and each one can deal with different issues or lifestyles. Waterproof beds are ideal for soggy doggys, or senior pooches with incontinence. Older dogs may also need a more supportive bed that doesn’t put pressure on their joints. Memory foam or orthopaedic mattresses will provide the ultimate support.

Hypoallergenic materials for both the cover and stuffing are an excellent option for sensitive dogs. Got yourself a chewer? You may need a heavy-duty bed, made from more solid materials. Click here for some of our best indestructible dog beds. You’ll also want to make sure your dog bed is washable – especially if you have muddy pups.

Sleeping Position: Just like us humans, dogs sleep in different positions. Some like to burrow and curl up, which means a Donut or Den bed may be more suitable. Others like to star-fish and sprawl out which means a Standard or Nest bed may work better! It is important to find a bed suitable for your dog’s sleeping position.

Measure Your Dog: The rule of thumb is that your dog bed should be slightly larger than your pooch. This helps to accommodate all the positions dogs like to sleep in. Watch your pup while they sleep – if they sprawl out then they’ll want a big bed to starfish in. If they turn around, dig to create a nest and curl up – then a cuddler, donut, or cave bed will be your best bet.

What Type Of Dog Beds Are There?

There’s plenty of types of dog beds to suit all styles of sleeping. Some of the most popular types of dog beds include:

Standard Dog Beds: This is the most recognizable and widely use dog bed. Typically, a standard dog bed is just an oversized cushion that provides support and comfort. Usually made from a range of materials and stuffing. You’ll find a size for every dog.

Nest Dog Beds: This type of bed is a beefed up dog bed, complete with raised edges to fence the bed. Having a bed like this provides a sense of security for your pups, perfect for those who curl up in a little ball when sleeping.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds: These type of dog beds usually have a more mattress based design. Orthopaedic dog beds provide additional support and comfort. Perfect for giving your dog the added luxury or for older dogs who suffer from issues such as arthritis.

Donut Dog Bed: These are similar to Nesting beds but the edges completely surround the bed. These only ever come in a round shape and usually have deep fillings for a dog to get lost in dreamland. This style of bed helps dogs fee secure while suffering from anxiety and stress.

Covered dog bed (Den/Cave): Many dogs love to burrow and dig – but the icing on the cake is having that snug blanket on top. Nest beds have little duvets to give them that extra snuggle.

There are plenty of other options available such as elevated dog bed, beds suitable for travel, cooling. or heated dog beds and beds specifically designed for kennels or crates!

Plush Donut Pet Bed

The Plush Donut Pet Bed is perfect for dogs who like to nest and curl-up – it envelops your dog in comfort and safety. This specific donut bed is made from luxurious vegan fur and self-warming material. It also has a dual-layer base mattress cushion, which helps to reduce night pacing associated with anxiety, discomfort & cold.

The fur is a bed cover, that’s easy to zip off and wash. You can even get replacement covers, which when it gets a little grotty, is much cheaper than replacing the whole bed!

It’s one of the cheapest luxury dog beds in the guide – but its superior design will sink your pooch into comfort. It comes in four different sizes and eight colour variations. The beds are slightly bigger than usual for a donut bed, which is perfect if you have big pooches.

PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

This bed is heaven for any pampered pooch, but also very supportive for dogs who have sore joints and arthritis. It’s made from memory foam and breathable polyester and cotton fabric, stuffed with recycled polyfill bolsters. It has a cushion roll around the bed which is perfect for those who like to nest or rest their head.

If you have a muddy pup, then this cover is both water-resistant, removable, and washable complete with a waterproof inner liner to protect the memory foam. This means the bed is long-lasting, protecting that eye-watering price tag. You also have the option of getting replacement covers and added blankets which helps the longevity of the bed.

The bed itself is quite heavy (because it’s packed with so much goodness) but regardless it still comes with a non-slip base and doesn’t move around. Perfect for wrigglers. The bed comes in many sizes and is suitable for any breed from your teensy Chihuahua to your Great big Dane. This is one of the more expensive beds, but it’s worth every penny.

Charley Chau Ducky Donut Bed

This donut bed from Charley Chau wasn’t created overnight, but over six years of thorough research, testing, and trials. So much so, that this Ducky Donut Bed has won awards for comfort. What we love the most about Charley Chau is that long-term performance trumps aesthetics. They create long-lasting dog beds – so you’re really making an investment with whichever bed you buy.

The sides have ethically sourced plump duck-feather-filled pads. The mattress is deep-filled with insulating hollow-fiber and internal wall panels to minimise lumps. It’s important to note, that the feathers used in this bed are humanely sourced (i.e. not collected from live animals, nor from the foie gras industry). The outer fabric is Cosmo, a beautiful super-soft upholstery quality fabric with a 50/50 polycotton blend.

Like all Charley’s they’ve put washability into consideration – both covers are removable (bedsides and mattress) and everything is machine washable including the duck feather pads and mattress inner.

The Doggy Den Bed

This bed from Designed for Dogs is perfect for burrowing breeds, dogs who like to nest or snuggle under a duvet. The bed features a dream-worthy cushion filled with luxurious memory & orthopedic foam crumb. The stuffing is made from shredded manufacturing cut-offs from premium mattresses. So not only will your pooch sleep in utter bliss, but you can rest easy knowing you did your bit for the planet.

You can choose your fabric to go on top of the cushion, with a whole range to choose from including velvet and tartan. A super-soft fleece duvet finishes the look. This duvet has a curve design so your dog can lay its head on the edge of the bed while the rest of its body is snug.

The bed is suitable for dogs of all sizes, and they can even make-to-measure which is ideal if you have a specific place you would like the bed to fit. That’s not the only part that’s customisable, you can also choose between a zip or velcro closure and completely customise your base should you prefer something more durable and waterproof. Wait, you haven’t heard the best part… you can even personalise your bed with your dog’s name.

Very well-thought-out luxury dog bed at a fraction of the cost of some others in this guide.

Casper Dog Bed

Well known in the human world for making dreamy mattresses, Casper now make dreamy dog beds too! What we love about this brand, is they go above and beyond to test each product. The dog bed has had over 110 proto-types developed, over 460 hours of testing, and 11 months of dog sleep studies.

They’ve created the perfect mattress to create a sleep environment to support our dog’s natural behaviors. When dogs used to live in the wild, they would make a bed by kicking up dirt and brush away debris. For dogs who like to dig into bed, the Casper features excess material on top to mimic their wild instincts of pawing at the earth.

They also pride themselves on having a bed made with one of the strongest bonded microfibers available (similar to fibers found in shoes). This means it’s durable enough to survive rough dog play, bites or nibbles. The bed also keeps its shape – even if your dog flops on the sides, the bed won’t sink, slump, or sag over time.

Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed

Looking for an orthopaedic dog bed that doesn’t break the bank? Bedsure have you covered! This bed provides top-dog comfort and a cosy space for your dog to rest – whether they have joint problems or not. It’s ideal for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs who might like to share.

The bed has a faux linen fabric which is removable for washing. It is very durable and doesn’t pick up stains, fur/hair, or absorb liquid easily. The material has been carefully chosen to make the bed long-lasting and even has a separate water-resistant liner (for the base) to protect the memory foam. Inside the bed is filled with a thick memory foam base – so comfy, even you would want to sleep on it.

It comes with cushioned arms, stuffed with microfiber. The arms have been carefully positioned and made detachable to suit all your pet’s sleeping habits. This means it’s also versatile for use in the back of the car or a crate. The non-slip bottom means the bed will stay positioned no matter how much your pup wriggles. Above all, this bed provides great value for money!

Project Blu Danube Eco Nest Bed

Project Blu is a UK brand that’s making big waves in the dog world – not just for their comfortable dog beds but for their eco values. They have a whole movement that strives to turn trash into treasure.

This nest shape bed has been created with recycled fabrics and fillings made from ocean-bound plastic waste and pollution. Although the fabric originated from plastic, all of the beds are super soft, comfortable, and designed to last. All beds have been created in Tuscany, Italy – home to the finest artisans on the planet!

Each one is also entirely machine washable. So not only will your pooch get a snooze-worthy sleep, but they’ll also be saving the planet. Eco-Chic.

BingoPaw Large Memory Foam Bed

BingoPaw is another great memory-foam dog bed on the market! This bed is well-made with every care to think about the finer details in our dog’s life.

The fabric has a high-density egg-crate foam filling which is covered by a soft artificial fleece. This bed helps to promote healthy bones and joints in your pooch, but it’s also ideal to support those with joint and hip issues. The thickness of the bed protects your dog’s legs, elbows, and hips from pressure from the floor.

The cover can be zipped off and easily removed which always gets top marks. The mattress also comes off with a hidden zipper as well, so it quite convenient than most of the other dog beds in the guide for cleaning.

The surrounding of the bed has a fully comfy padded bolster. This has good resilience and provides maximum support for tired heads, hips, or legs, will relief from aching joints. This luxury dog bed is a good all-rounder and one that we would happily rest our sleepy paws in.

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Bedsure Oxford Fabric Dog Mattress

This comfy, quilted cushion provides plenty of comfort for your furry friend! The bed is around 10cm high, cushioned with plumped microfibre, keeping them well above the floor. It’s made from 100% Oxford fabric which is both waterproof, durable, and chew-proof. It’s been carefully designed to resist water and therefore won’t stink up your house!

The shape of the bed makes it easy to collect fur and dirt, while the bed itself is washable. This bed is suitable for breeds of any age and its simple rectangle shape can be used in crates, elevated dog beds, or the back of the car.

Charley Chau Dotty Snuggle Bed

Another dog bed from the award-winning Charley Chau (yup we’re big fans of this comfy brand!) This gorgeous snuggle bed from Charley Chau was inspired by Charley’s burrowing habits. It combines both a fleece-covered floor cushion with a cosy faux-fur fleece duvet sewn-in for your pooch to snuggle.

These doggy mattresses have been deep-filled with insulating hollow-fiber and constructed with internal wall panels to stop the filling from getting lumpy – even after it’s been machine washed! The cover of the bed is fully removable and washable. Spare covers and waterproof bed liners are also available to buy to protect the inner stuffing from moisture, and muck!

This bed is available in a range of sizes, but we recommend buying the size up to make sure there’s enough room for them to stretch out under the duvet.

Tweed Cave Dog Bed

What we love the most about cave beds, is that your dog can snuggle into their own little duvet. This cave bed from Country and Twee has been designed with a stylish tweed on the outside and a sumptuously soft fleece on the inside.

The bed has been lined in a cosy sherpa fleece and you can choose between a quality fibre or luxurious feather European duck feather stuffing. The ‘lid’ of the bed is attached with poppers and can be removed making it suitable for those hot summer months too. It’s completely machine washable which is perfect for dogs who love the muck!

This bed comes in two sizes with either a 60 or 90cm diameter, suiting small to medium-sized dogs. Can you already imagine your pooch just snuggling and nesting in this little beauty?

Share Your Favourite Luxury Dog Bed

We would love to hear whether you have any Luxury Dog Beds? Perhaps you’ve created more of a make-shift luxury bed? Let us know in the comments below.


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