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12 Matching Dog Bandanas and Face Masks We’re Obsessed With

Because Twinning Is Winning

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The shops are re-opening, local cafes are cooking and our national parks are blooming. While we’re are all slowly getting back to our daily lives, face masks have become an important part of our new normality.

In some parts of the UK, wearing a face mask is compulsory. So use this as an opportunity to purchase a fabric face mask and match with your best friend?

We’ve sniffed out 12 of our favourite dog bandanas and face masks for you to check out. Before we delve into that, let’s catch you up on what you need to know first.

Is it law to wear a mask?

Face coverings are compulsory for most people across the UK.

  • In England, the legal requirement for face coverings has ended, however it is recommended to continue wearing masks in crowded areas and public transport.
  • In Scotland, masks must be worn in shops, pubs, restaurants and public transport. This rule will remain in place “in all likelihood” for some time.
  • In Wales, masks are still legally required in all public indoor areas. Even when the alert changes to 0 masks will still be required in most public places and on public transport.
  • In Northern Ireland face coverings are no longer be compulsory in places of worship, or for students in school classrooms. They must still be worn on public transport and in shops and hospitality venues.

If you don’t follow the rules? Well, you could face a fine of up to £100 unless there is an exemption or a reasonable excuse to not wear one. Don’t know about you, but we’re adding face masks to our ‘lead, poo-bags, phone, keys, wallet’ checklist. Stat.

Why wear a face mask?

While they can’t protect you from catching COVID-19 they can prevent you from spreading the virus to others. Your mask protects others and in treturn their masks protect you.

Should I buy my dog a face mask?

No, they are not necessary (or safe) for dogs. We advise against putting masks on your dog, it could be distressing for them. It also may affect their ability to breathe properly, particularly flat-face breeds.

Who is exempt from wearing face masks?

There are two groups who are advised to not wear face coverings. They are: children under the age of two and those who find it difficult to breathe wearing one.

What’s the difference between medical masks and fabric masks?

Frontline workers need medical grade face masks (or PPE) to stay safe. You should avoid buying those so supplies continue to be reserved for those who need them the most.

Reusable fabric masks are stylish, better for the environment and more comfortable to wear.

What features should my face mask have?

Fabric face masks are not medical grade, but there are added features to look out for that can provide a little more saftey.

Double Layering: Research shows that fabric face masks need at least two layers in order for them to work effectively. Anything less than double layering becomes ineffective.

Triple Layering: Triple layering provides better protection. Face masks which have triple layering consist of an inner layer of an absorbent material such as cotton, a non-woven middle layer consisting of a material such as polypropylene, and a final, non-absorbent synthetic top layer such as polyester or polyester blend.

Some bandanas also come with further layers, some even have up to 7 layers for that extra peace of mind.

Filter: Your fabric face mask should effective enough on its own, but if your masks have a filter this can certainly add an extra layer of protection to your non-medical mask. Some masks have filter pockets so you can change them as required.

Okay, now we’re all clued up, let’s dive into some of our favourite matching dog bandanas and face masks!

Creature Clothes Shop

Not only are the matching designs showstopping, but at the heart of Creature Clothes Shop is a kind and caring ethos. When the pandemic hit, they provided local nursing communities with protective face masks.

These masks are triple-layered with a filter pocket. They’ll even be giving 10% of all proceeds from the masks to Covid-19 Relief and Support charities.

Bandanas are available in 2 sizes fitting your Yorkies right up to a Great Dane.

Get Swank Style

Looking for something a little more quirky? This matching set features a rainbow unicorn print and a baby blue pompom trim.

Face masks are triple layered, with a pocket at the back to add a filter. Instead of uncomfortable elastic these are secured using a pretty grosgrain ribbon.

Bandanas are tie-on and come in a range of sizes.

Kiki Rose Crafts

Got yourself an unruly pup? A real rule (or heart) breaker? This design is perfect for those bad to the bone pooches.

Both are made from 100% cotton. The face mask is triple-layered with untied elastics so you can tie them for a comfortable fit.

Who said twinning had to be cheesy?

Fred and Juno

We LOVE this adorable bandana and mask set from FredandJuno! You can also get a matching bow tie and scrunchie. All made with a gorgeous starry printed cotton fabric to add flair to any pandemic. The bandana slips effortlessly over your dog’s collar.

The mask is double layered made from 100% cotton and adjustable elastic which slips around the ears to hold in place.

The Surrey Pet Care Co

If you’re a fan of bright, popping designs you’ll love this matching set. The face masks are double layered, and dog bandanas slip through the collar, with sizes small to large.


This fun and funky set features a quirky rainbow print. Bright enough to make anyone smile. Bandana to match and it is made to fit over most dog collars.


Lis and Kass have a great range of matching face masks, bandanas and scrunchies. All masks are double layered from 100% cotton. These masks are a perfect fit to the face with elastic loops behind the ears.

Bandanas are made to slip onto your dogs collar for a comfortable and secure fit.

Etsy: @LisAndKaas

Stunning Sloths Matching Set

We love this design from Mazie and Morris. Together you can go exploring in style with matching accessories. The bandana slips over the collar. The face masks come in a 100% cotton fabric with a sewn in filter that contours to your face. The mask also includes adjustable ears and nose wire which are also sewn in.

Etsy: @MazieandMorris

Dog Bandana, Fabric Face Mask And Personalised Tag

We love this gorgeous combination! The double sided cotton/wool bandana is made to slide over your dog’s collar. The dog’s bandana is slightly different in that it made out of dark wool tweed on one side and cotton grey paw pattern on the other. Perfect for that rockabilly look. However, there are other designs available, so you can mix and match.

Cotton ribbon completes the look with a silver coloured doggy bone which is personalised (in vinyl) with your pets name and/or telephone number.

The coordinating double layered mask has been created with a non woven interfacing fabric on the inside offering a good combination of fit, breathability and protection.

Buy on Etsy

Debbies Bits n Pieces

Another pretty set made in a choice of six fabrics (100% cotton). Each set allows you to match your stylish doggie. Bandana and bow tie both slip into the collar. Face mask is double layered. Both the bandana and mask are lined with a contrasting fabric, so completely reversible.

Etsy: @BellaAndBarns

Rifle Paper Bundle

Pretty design which is sure to make a statement. The mask is double layered made with two layers of woven cotton. The bundle comes complete with a matching scrunchie and a bandana for your canine companion. The doggy bandana slips over the collar for easy wear. The mask is completely reusable mask and can be rewashed and ironed at home.

Etsy: @thebuttondraweruk
Buy on Etsy

Wonderland Matching Set

We love this Alice and Wonderland style because.. “We’re all mad here.” These designs are utterly adorable from Loony Paws Boutique. The face mask is double layered, and comes with a filter pocket. Doggy bandana simply slides into your dog’s collar. Both the masks and bandanas are handmade from 100% cotton fabric.

Etsy: @loonypawsboutique
Buy on Etsy

Twinning is Winning

Share your favourite designs in the comments below or let us know of some other local businesses who have some tail-wagging matching sets.

Looking for more bandanas? Check out our Summer ‘edit’ of dog bandanas.


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