14 Chihuahua Gifts to Make You Go Bom Chicka Chihuahua

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What do Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, Madonna and Marlyn Monroe all have in common? They’re all Chihuahua owners! This tiny little dog breed has a big personality. Alert and goofy, sensitive and caring – it’s no wonder they’ve found their way into the hearts of dog lovers all over the world.

Whether you’re searching for a Chihuahua gift for a dog lover, owner or for yourself (slowly raises hand). We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Chihuahua gifts that will make your heart squeal from small businesses and crafters across the UK.

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Chihuahua Chocolates

Shop: CathrynCariad –

Does the Chihuahua lover in your life have a thing for chocolate? Then these adorable little pieces will make the tasty gift. Each one is hand-painted in a quilted designer style handbag and made in solid Belgian chocolate. Also, they’re beautifully packaged in a clear jewel case with a gold backing card.

Please note, this gift is for human consumption, and just like all human chocolate, this is not suitable for dogs.

Chihuahua Bracelet

Shop: glitzandgiftsco –

This adorable Chihuahua bracelet, is perfect for keeping any furry friend close to your heart. It’s available in six wax cord colours with the choice of adding birthstone & initial charms. Perfect for any Chi owner or super fan. They also arrive in a lovely box beautifully wrapped.

Chihuahua Coaster

Shop: Redeezine –

Sweet little gift for those who love a good coaster for their cuppa. The perfect way show Chihuahua love loud and proud.

Chihuahua Personalised Print

Etsy: @PrintsOnMyWall–

This print makes a great Chihuahua gift. You can choose from a range of colours, and accessories or work closely with the artist to customise your Chihuahua to make them similar to your own. You can also choose to have other settings such as muddy paw prints, house plants and florals.

Chihuahua Cosmetic Bag Gift Set

Shop Etsy: @MadBoxGifts

We are slightly obsessed with this cosmetics and toiletries gift bag set. You can either choose to have one, the other or both. Perfect for taking away on all those dog friendly adventures with your lovely Chihuahua.

Chihuahua Laptop Cover

Shop: FairDinkumFashion –

Arrriba! Shake your maracas, and take your laptop from place to place with this gorgeous Chihuahua laptop case. Perfect for those who can’t bare to be apart from their Chi and want to be reminded of how adorable that face is daily. Fun, vibrant and lightweight!

Handmade Wire Chihuahua

Shop: WoodWiredDesigns –

This cheeky piece of Chihuahua art is handmade from aluminium wire, finished on driftwood. It’s a great and unique gift for any Chihuahua lover. You can also add a wire written name alongside your Chi, for a personalised touch! There’s a choice of wire colours to choose from. Each one is uniquely made with a carefully selected driftwood to fit the dog!

Chihuahua Pin Badge

Shop: Pilfered –

We adore these little enamel pin badges, guaranteed to have any dog lovers clutching their chests and going ‘AWWWHHHH!!’ Each one 30mm and has a little Chihuahua popping out of a teacup. It has a rubber clutch fastening on the back so you can be sure it will stay put.

Chihuahua 70s Retro Wall Art

Shop: sleepychi –

This retro print will certainly brighten up any space. Perfect for Chihuahua lovers who want to sprinkle their home with Chihuahua decor. The print has a gorgeous 70s colour palette vibe, with total sunshine vibes – bringing a smile to your face day after day.

I Would Rather Walk My Chihuahua

Shop: PayneAndDawson –

We’re all thinking it… This cracking gift is sure to put a smile on any Chihuahua lovers face. Each mug is customised with your dogs name and made from a high standard ceramic, and printed in a little studio in Preston.

Personalised Chihuahua Keyring

Shop: SJBcrafts –

How about a mini version of your Chihuahua to carry around with you? This little keyring is perfect for keeping your keys intact while adding a sprinkle of Chihuahua in your pocket. Not only is it complete with the famous features we all know and love in the Chihuahua, but all features are based on your very own pupper!

Chihuahua Painted Sneakers

Shop: izapas –

Talk about a personalised gift! Now you can get your beloved Chihuahua hand painted on a shoe (or two). Dogs can be painted to match the colouring of your pooch and each is complete with their name proudly placed on the side. The shoes come in a range of colours, so there’s a pair for everyone.

Chihuahua Plant Pot Feet

Shop: Jardinopia –

Is the Chi lover in your life a bit of a green thumb? These Chihuahua plant pot feet will make their day. It’s a great addition to any garden pot or indoor plant, adding a little pizzazz and fun to plant pots.

Personalised Chihuahua Teddy

Shop: LoveMyDogsCrochet –

Take your little Chihuahua with you wherever you go with a lovingly crocheted soft toy replica of your dog, created from your photographs. Each adorable teddy is absolutely unique and makes the perfect keepsake gift for any passionate pooch parent!

Share Your Chihuahua Gift Ideas

Do you have any Chihuahua gifts ideas? Pop them in the comments below to help the dog owners reading this guide.

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