Beach Essentials For Your Dog This Summer

With summer here and the weather hotting up, it’s only a matter of time before you take your pooch to the beach. Planning ahead is an important step for any adventure with your furry best friend, especially a day out at the beach. Some items are essential for the comfort and safety of your dog.

“Dogs at the beach are prone to heatstroke” warns veterinarian Dr Victoria Strong. “When planning a trip, take a look at the weather forecast,” she advises. Try to limit the amount of time they spend in the sun and ensure that they stay cool. Take extra care if your dog is elderly or has an underlying heart or lung condition. We’ve been chatting to our pals at Paws & Presto about some of their favourite beach essentials to make a fun day at the beach easy, convenient and safe for your dog. This article is sponsored, but all tail-wagging excitement for these products is independent!

Don’t leave for the beach until you’ve packed some of these 6 beach essentials for your dog!

1. Cooling Pad

Cooling pads will help keep your dogs safe and comfortable after a hot day on the beach. Our top tip is to keep it shaded in the car, then bring it out for the drive home.

A cooling pad is filled with a gel and is activated by the weight and pressure of your dog sitting on them. As soon as your pooch stretches out on their mat the cooling process begins and overheating is prevented.

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Paws & Presto Cool Companion Pet Cool Pad (Aura Photographs)

A range of sizes are available based on the size of your dog. Mats can be used to cool for four hours at a time making them a great resource on warm days out. Certain breeds such as Bulldogs and Pugs are prone to overheating as they struggle to breathe in the hot weather. It is definitely recommended to have either a cooling mat or jacket to hand during the summer if not both.

2. Drying Bag

A great and innovative alternative to a dog towel is a drying bag. With a zip along seam, you can zip the bag around your pooch for a quick and cosy dry. The benefits of a drying bag, is it contains and absorbs all of the dirt and sand from their paws or fur. It’s perfect for keeping the car clean after walkies, with no more sandy seats!

While your dog cuddles up in the comfortable drying bag, we have no doubt that they’ll doze off after all the excitement of the day. The drying bag from Paws & Presto has been reviewed as revolutionary by so many dog owners who claim it to be life changing.

Paws & Presto Dog Drying Bag

3. Microfibre Dog Towel

With your dog having the time of their life in the sea, you’ll want a speedy way to dry them off. It’s a good idea to use specialised dog towels rather than a beach towel like you would use for yourself. Standard towels are not designed to deal with the mud, dirt and hair on a dogs coat, and they take a long time to dry off.

Paws & Presto Large High-Performance Microfibre Dog Towel

A microfibre dog towel on the other hand, is quick drying, absorbs more water and is resistant to dirt and mud. A key beach essential for your dog! More advanced products like the IndyBest Buy from Paws & Presto will be made of high-density microfibres that absorb roughly 10 times more than a standard cotton towel.

4. Detangling Spray

The sea and sand can take its toll on a dogs coat over the course of a long, warm day. Long-haired dogs will need a thorough brushing after a trip to the seaside, although smooth haired dogs will benefit too.

Detangling spray is perfect for moisturising a dogs coat when the salt water from the sea has dried it out. A quality PH-balanced detangling spray like this one from Paws & Presto, will leave your dogs fur feeling silky smooth and tangle free.

Detangling spray is easy to use. Just a quick spray on your dogs hair and combing through the matted knots becomes easy. The natural vitamins in Paws & Presto detangling spray even promotes hair regrowth. It is also free from alcohol, parabins and sulfates.

5. Plenty Of Water

It goes without saying that your dog needs plenty of water in the heat. It’s important they stay hydrated so encourage them to drink little and often. Don’t let them drink sea water under any circumstance. The high salt content can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and neurological issues. It may even be a good idea to pack some ice cubes into an ice bag to help your dog cool down at some point throughout the afternoon.

6. A Place To Shade

Granted it isn’t always possible to guarantee there will be shade at the beach. However if you have the room to spare in your car it is very worthwhile taking a small tent to allow your dog a space where they can get some respite from the sun. Even a windbreaker can double up as a shade provider.

What Beach Essentials Are You Packing For Your Dog?

What beach essentials for your dog are you taking to the beach this summer? Let us know in the comments below. Looking for other ways to cool your dog down? Click here for 10 of our favourite cooling accessories.


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