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6 Tips For Happy Camping With Your Dog

The summer sun is blazing and so many of you are adventuring and camping with your dog. After all, they’re a big part of the family and who wants to stay at home when there’s fun to be had in the great outdoors right?

Sadly, not all campsites allow dogs (boo!), so please check before you book whether they accept dogs and what the maximum number of dogs allowed on the camping pitch or in the glamping tent is.

One camping and glamping site that is Dog Furiendly is our award-winning furiends over at Top of The Woods. Co-founder Soo, shares her top six tips for you to have a happy holiday, camping with your pooch!

1. Dogs on the lead & screw

When you go camping with your dog, you will be expected to have your lovely woofs on the lead when you are on the campsite. This is first on our list for several reasons and I have had a few campers challenge this because their dog is so well behaved at home and off the lead at all times.

However, I explain having the dogs on a lead is for everyone’s safety & comfort. For example, some children (and adults) who are fearful of dogs and are screaming and crying can frighten the dogs and make them act unpredictably.

Also, remember the dogs are in an unfamiliar area with many new things to get over-excited about, sounds, smells e.g foxes & badger & other dogs on site. When dogs get overexcited they don’t always listen & are therefore not under control.

I know Dylan my Wheaten terrier can act deaf if he gets overexcited and finds other things more interesting than me!

Don’t forget to bring a dog screw with a longer lead. You will be able to screw it into the ground in a suitable place, attach them to it and not have to worry about them wandering off or getting in the way. You can relax fully knowing that your dog can’t wander off.

2. Plenty of water & shade

This seems like an obvious one when you go camping with your dog, but I have seen this myself, people get caught up enjoying themselves on holiday and forget on a hot sunny day to leave a bowl of water the dog can reach when they are tied up by the camping pitch. Dogs can really struggle in the heat, so make sure there is somewhere for them with a bit of shade. Check our Gudog’s tips on preventing Heatstroke.

3. Bring a few dog towels

Dogs love to play… in the water…in the mud…in the sea and on the beach when they are on holiday.  The question to ask yourself do you want to bring all that muck into your tent or into your lovely car? Probably not! So, when camping with your dog, bring a couple of towels for your pooches and their cute but dirty muddy paws.

4. Don’t overfeed your dog

I know we all do it when you get those adorable doggie eyes looking at you when you are scoffing your fifth sausage from the campfire BBQ! Try to keep to the dog’s regular food & feeding habitats & don’t go overboard with feeding them excessive scraps.

This is because changes to their diet can do things to your dog’s tummy, which means there usual poop routine ends up being five times a day instead of three! Who wants to wander out in the middle of the night to let their dog go to the toilet when you are nicely snuggled in your sleeping bag?

camping with your dog

5. Bag it Up

The number one rule when camping with your dog! No one wants to play in the grass or go hiking with horrible dog poop littering the way. Apart from it being unsightly, it is dangerous for children and wildlife. Remember picking up poop, bagging it and hanging it in trees doesn’t count! Take it back with you till you can find a bin to dispose of it properly

6. Is camping right for your pooch?

The reality is not all dogs are suited to going camping or glamping. You know your dog the best, ask yourself are they good with other dogs, children, pets? Are they aggressive, moody or bark excessively? As their pack family, we love them regardless and tolerate poor social behaviour at home, but it won’t make for a happy holiday if you are worried about your dog and they cause problems for other guests.

So if your pooches do display any of the above problems maybe it is the perfect time to try dog training & address their behaviour, because it is wonderful being able to go camping with your dog!

What’s Your Camping Tips?

Do you have any other tips for dog friendly camping with your dog? Pop them in the comments below.


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