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A Review of BrewDog’s First Dog Friendly Hotel USA

This week’s guest blog comes from our American Explorer’s Luna, Kreacher and their lovely human Moriah. They scoped out BrewDog’s first dog friendly hotel in Columbus, USA; a hotel where you never run out of beer, dogs or good food.

Now we’re well versed on how dog friendly BrewDog bars are across the world, so we were very excited to hear about their hotel experience. Moriah shares her adventures below.

A new concept in Columbus Ohio, a combination of brewery, restaurant, and hotel that are all dog friendly. We went to check it out and loved it.

In September as I was scrolling though Facebook, the most amazing add came across my screen. A newer company to the US, BrewDog, was going to open a dog friendly brewery/ hotel combination in Columbus Ohio. I immediately booked a stay for a surprise for my husbands 30th birthday.

Located just outside of Columbus Ohio is BrewDog Doghouse. It sits far enough away from shops and restaurants that you aren’t listening to traffic and sirens all night, but close enough that any chain store or restaurant you could desire to go to is within 15 minutes of the hotel. However, Doghouse is a combination of a hotel, restaurant, and brewery which allows you to bring your dog to all areas so I’m not sure why one would feel the need to leave.

First impressions: The building is a giant warehouse, decorated with industrial age furnishings, natural wood and awesome graffiti. Outside they have a large patio area, complete with shaded pergolas, fire-pits and a dog park! Inside the vibe of the hotel is dim, warm and welcoming. You check in at a bar and are presented with beer on arrival. There are various tables with classic board games, brewery literature and cute planters. The rooms follow the industrial feel, we stayed in a specific dog friendly suite so other rooms may be different. However; we had concrete floor with area rugs,( which made cleaning up after muddy dogs a breeze) a large patio with outside access, super comfortable king size bed, and plenty of lighting. Overall first impression, we liked it.

So the big thing I loved about Doghouse. It wasn’t just “dog friendly”, how must hotels are “dog friendly” where you are charged $50-$100, sign a paper saying your dog will be quiet, get the look each time you walk through the lobby to take your furchild out. This place was DOG FRIENDLY.

The outside door access with the patio right off your room was a phenomenal idea. It was made complete with a little trash can for doggy waste. At the time Kreacher was still potty training so being able to just walk 30 steps and be outside was glorious. Also the outside area wasn’t a small patch of littered grass across the parking lot, the warehouse sits in the middle of a field with no concrete against the hotel itself. Hello unlimited doggy walking area!

As mentioned above, the place has it’s very own dog park! The dog park was large enough for dogs to run freely and play Frisbee. The fence was in excellent condition, and overall the area inside was pretty clean and free of dog waste or debris. There were 4 large tires for doggos climbing and snooping pleasure. Another pergola that remained lit at night, with numerous chairs, and another fire pit were also present. Finally, just behind the dog park, access to a biking/walking trail! This was honestly the most dog friendly, dog encouraging place we have ever stayed.

Dog friendly wasn’t the only perk offered here. Did I mention that they had a restaurant/brewery all together on one site? Naturally we went to the onsite restaurant for dinner. Food was delicious, and a wonderful variety with vegan options. Not your standard burger, fries and pizza choices that so many brewpubs offer. Their burger offerings were all local beef, their pizzas included fresh cheeses, fresh crushed tomato sauce, and toppings including walnuts and fruits. The services was quick and friendly. And oh by the way, restaurant = dog friendly. So what is better than eating delicious food and trying new beverages, doing both those things in the company of doggos.

BrewDog’s Doghouse also offers brewery tours, a beer museum, and email you a list of activities that will occur during your stay. Activities may include beer and cheese tasting, yoga, games, and the like. Included with your stay is an in room tap with the beer of your choice and the mini-fridges are stocked but you are charged for those cans. Included home made breakfast from 7-11, love those hours. A spread of freshly made muffins and scones, fresh fruit, mimosas and meat and cheeses are all available and delicious.

We loved this weekend get away and would 100% go again! Hopefully the Columbus location experiences success and these start popping up around the US!

Follow Moriah, Luna and Kreacher’s adventures via Instagram @hard.corg


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