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Adventures in Elan Valley

Hiya, I’m Hugo @hugo_labrador. A year ago today my hoomans visited the beautiful Elan Valley for the first time but without me as I hadn’t been born then. So today with the sun shining and the leaves having turned gold and brown in Autumn, it was the pawfect time for me to see what all the fuss was about.

Road Trip to Elan Valley

With my friend Arlo the beagle arriving for an early start, I took up my favourite seat riding shotgun in the van (mum weren’t too happy about me having the whole front seat so squeezed in beside me). It took an hour to get to the Elan Valley Visitor Centre which is situated to the west of Rhayader, in Powys, Mid Wales.

Once there we had a toilet stop (or a cock your leg up to stop as I call it) and decided where to go from there. There is a café, information desk, shop and exhibition area – with information about the water scheme, history, and wildlife. You can even hire bikes and there is a children’s play area and a large picnic area.

Often referred to as the Welsh Lake District, the Elan Valley contains a chain of manmade lakes or reservoirs which provide clean drinking water for the whole of Birmingham in England. There area is huge and set over 6 square km of scenic countryside. We decided to drive up the mountainside and park next to Garreg Ddu Dam as there is a lovely flat walk around the west side of the lake.

Walkies Around the Lake

We set off around the lake but it seemed ages to get anywhere as Arlo and I hadn’t seen each other for ages and wanted to play. The hoomans eventually managed to calm us down (I was just as excited to see Arlo as they were the scenery!) and they stepped on the pace and we were soon over the Dam bride and onto the footpath.

The views across the lake were amazing and the path was pawesome for our young legs as it was flat and well maintained. We passed by the Foel Tower which is used to extract water and walked (and played) on for about another 45 mins

The hoomans had a snack and cup of tea back at the van and we made our way north up to see the other dams. There are three more which are higher up and each one just as spectacular. This area is very popular and there were lots of other people visiting. It is a brilliant place for dog walks and must be one of the best places to walk in this beautiful country of ours.

With time running out and it getting dark early in the Autumn, it was time to head home. There is so much to explore in the Elan Valley that it would take days to see and walk it all.

There are many routes to walk of all different difficulties from easy and wooded walks near to the Visitor centre to more challenging routes for the more experienced and ambitious pooches. We will certainly be visiting again as the area is so captivating. But for now it’s time to get my head down, have a rest and dream of yet more adventures.

Over and Out x


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