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Dog Friendly Afternoon Tea at Coed-y-Mwstwr

Hiya, I’m Piper! I’m a one-year-old, playful cockapoo pup from Wales. I love adventures, meeting new people and poochies, swimming and my toys Squeaky Octopus, Duck and Lamb. We’re always visiting dog friendly places, hopefully, we can inspire you and your pooch to do the same.

This week me and my Mum went to Coed-y-Mwstwr for Doggy Afternoon Tea (fancy aye?)

New Sights, New Sniffs, New Sounds

This morning seemed like any other day. I woke up, licked my mum’s feet for morning cuddles and set about my day. I had it all planned out, I was going to patrol the garden from pesky squirrels and unauthorised cats and nap. My mum had other ideas…

She didn’t get dressed in the normal, funny, formal clothes she so often wears Monday through Friday. She sang along to her music and dressed me in a dickie bow. Mum told me she had a surprise for me and that today was no normal Tuesday, it was Tasty Tuesday! My mind was racing, would I finally be allowed to eat the foxes poo I’d been eyeing up for so long in the park? Was she going to give in and allow me a square of her chocolate? So many options, but what was in store was so much better!

She bundled me into our car and off we set, collecting my Nan and Riley the bichon on route. Riley was wearing one of my bandanas and my nan was in a dress, I guess foxes’ poo and mud were out of the question.

We drove away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, through lanes and into the countryside I so love to play in. We pulled up outside a HUGE red building, with grass areas, birds singing, and I knew today was going to be pawfection!

I led the way through the gravel carpark and up the steps, I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I was excited to get there! Once inside my mum spoke to a lovely lady at reception who showed us to a white table that had a ‘Reserved’ sign on it, I felt like the princess pooch I always knew I was.

All the treats!

We didn’t have too wait long, and numerous members of staff came out to fuss me. They tried to fuss Riley as well, but I fought to the front- as we all know I’m the star of the show. To start, Pawsecco or Bottom Sniffer Beer, I (of course) went with pawsecco but Riley allowed me to sample his beer. Both went down a treat, although I’m yet to feel tipsy…

As soon as I was downing my pawsecco the ladies in black came back, this time they carried two, three-tiered bowls covered in pawprints. They set them in front of us and began to explain what each contained. This was all too much for me and I dived in head first. Bacon meatloaf (pawfectly made), sweet potato cakes (woofderful), bacon doggy treats (pawfection) and frozen doggy yogurt. Everything tasted so good I couldn’t stop myself from wolfing it all down. Unfortunately, fussy eater Riley ate all his too which meant no cheeky seconds for me!

We dined like the regal pooches we always knew we were while my mum and nan ate their own cakes. They wouldn’t let me sample these, but I heard a lot of “oh my god, this scone is amazing!” “wait, have you tried the profiterole?” “are you going to eat that sandwich, or do you mind if I have it?”

After Dinner Walkies

After dinner my mum got me to pose for some photos and being the kind-hearted cockapoo that I am, I obliged. People from the bar area came over to us and gave me lots of cuddles, so I gave them a few kisses back. The manager even popped out to say hello and tell me all about his black lab at home. The lovely ladies in black came out to ensure we were happy with our afternoon tea, they didn’t bring me anymore of the bacon meatloaf… but guess that means I’ll have to convince my mum to take me there again.

After we finished, we went to explore the woods while my nan relaxed in the peaceful hotel gardens. The wood was just behind the hotel and I got to play in the leaves and trees to run off some of the treats I’d just had.

The food was out of this world, the staff gave us the warmest welcome and fuss throughout. Also, there was a lovely area to explore afterward.

Will I be going back? You barking believe it!

Have you ever been to doggy afternoon tea?

Have you ever been for afternoon tea with your pooch? Or enjoyed perhaps you enjoyed a dog menu elsewhere? Let us know your experiences below!


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