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Duke’s First Dog Friendly Camping Holiday in Pembrokeshire

Hiya, I’m Duke, a cockapoo puppy with a big love of adventures, meeting new people and poochies! Me and my sister Molly are always visiting new places with our humans. Hopefully, we can inspire you and your pooch to do the same. This week, we took a family trip to Allt Y Coed Campsite!

Just call me Houdini

One morning we woke up and went on a super long car journey and I thought we were just going for a day out! I didn’t realise we were going on our first-ever holiday! We had been in the car for a long time so we stopped at services so that we could have a break, dad took us for a little walk while mum went inside because we weren’t allowed in the services but I missed mum a lot. I decided it was a good time to show dad my new trick of getting out of my harness and chase after mum! For some reason they weren’t very impressed with my new trick and dad said he’s going to change my name to Houdini.

Arriving at Allt Y Coed Campsite

We arrived at Allt Y Coed Campsite and met the resident schnauzer Ally Wally who showed us to our yurt where we were going to be staying. We had a lovely big yurt with lots of space around it so mum put me on a long lead so that I could have a run around on the grass! There were sheep in the field next to where we were staying and they made really funny noises! I had never seen sheep before so I was a bit confused by them but they were very friendly and didn’t seem to mind me being there! The campsite is on a working farm so there were lots of animals around for me to meet! I met goats, horses, sheep, and cats!

The farmer drove around the campsite on a quad bike delivering freshly cut wood to us so that we could have a campfire. Ally Wally got to ride on the back of the quad bike with his dad and he looked like he was having the best time! I wanted to have a go but mum said we couldn’t be trusted to behave as well as Ally Wally!

When it got dark mum and dad lit the campfire and toasted marshmallows. They wouldn’t share with us but we didn’t mind because we got to have lots of cuddles wrapped up in our pawrents blankets! The next day my Auntie and Uncle came to stay with us for the night I was so excited because it meant more cuddles for me and mum was excited because my Auntie brought something called Gin, but mum wouldn’t share that with me either.

That night we drove into the local village of St Dogmaels and went to The Ferry Inn. There was one little area at the top of the pub where we weren’t allowed to go but the nice lady showed us around and told us we could sit anywhere else, she even told us they have a Dog Bar where we can help ourselves to bowls and fresh water! We decided to sit outside in their amazing beer garden next to the river and the humans had lots of yummy smelling food!

Walkies on the beach!

The next morning, we all went for a walk along the coastal path. We were very lucky because the campsite is on the first gate of the Pembrokeshire Coastal path so we went for a long walk along the clifftop. After a lunchtime nap we drove to Poppit Sands where there is a big dog furiendly beach. Even though we were there in the middle of August it was still quiet, and mum decided it was time to let me off the lead for the first-ever time! Mum was a bit nervous, but I had the best time! I chased my sister Molly around and we had fun splashing around in the sea! It was the first time I’ve gone in further than just a paddle so I was a bit surprised to learn about waves, but it didn’t put me off!

I had the best time exploring the beach and mum didn’t need to worry about letting me off the lead because I kept checking back to see where she was. When it was time to leave I went back with no problems, but my sister Molly was too busy investigating some crabs she had found! After the beach we went to the nearby cafe, we weren’t allowed inside but there were seats outside so we sat there and had frozzys while mum and dad had ice cream.

We had the best time exploring and having adventures but nothing can beat cuddling up with mum, dad, and Molly by the campfire at our lovely little yurt by the sea!

Share your dog’s first holiday experience with us!

Where was your dog’s first big adventure? We would love to hear your stories! Let us know your experiences below. Follow Duke and Molly’s adventures via Instagram @dukeandmollytheporkie


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