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Meet Jo The Wagtastic Human Behind The Collar Club

We adore a doggy subscription box, but there’s something really special about a box packed with sustainability at the heart. This is why we adore Collar Club!

Collar Club is a subscription box for dogs, with a difference! Each and every product in the box is carefully selected with sustainability in mind, to ensure that your pup is introduced to the best quality products without it costing the earth. They introduce people and their dogs to natural treat and toy brands who share the same values around quality and transparency.

If that wasn’t special enough, a small percentage of each box goes towards their charitable programme called Collars for Shelters, where they make and distribute colourful Collars to rescue dogs.

We caught up with Jo from Collar Club to learn more about the inspiration behind this tail-wagging business.

Hiya Jo! I’m SO excited to dive into all things Collar Club. Let’s jump right in. What inspired you to start this business? 

My journey with Collar Club started from the culmination of wanting to get out of the corporate sphere and the adoption of my best bud, Winston. I have always had an interest in ethics and sustainability, and wanted to create a business with this at its core.

When I adopted Winston, he really gave me the push that I needed to start a business. When he came to live with us at 7 months old, he wasn’t in the greatest of health. He had a dull flaky coat, and his digestion wasn’t great, so I decided to start researching dog nutrition. After months of research on his dietary needs and discovering a whole host of small businesses, I wondered if anyone would be interested in a monthly box with a selection of these items in.

I braved sending the first boxes in April 2018 and haven’t looked back.

Lots of thought goes into the contents of a Collar Club box. Collar Club introduces people and their dogs to natural treat and toy brands who share our values around quality and transparency. With flexible delivery options, the box is fully customisable.

Your careful research into these incredible products and brands is certainly what makes Collar Club so unique. What do you love the most about working on Collar Club?

Dog’s receiving their boxes! I absolutely love delivery day, and my customers posting photos and videos of their dogs opening their boxes. I have coined it the snoot snuffle – and its just so lovely to watch dogs enjoying their goodies.

We’ve had a box, and our eyes (especially the dogs) lit up with every single goody inside. Where did the name Collar Club come from?

The name for Collar Club is a bit of an oddity actually! So, despite the name, I don’t actually sell any Collars. I read an article about black dogs in particular having to wait longer to find their forever family, and one of the possible reasons why being that they don’t have any defining features that make them memorable. So, I decided to do something about it! I started the Collars for Shelters programme, a charitable donation scheme that runs as part of the business. A small percentage from all Collar Club box sales goes towards making colourful collars to donate to rescue dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Such a beautiful part of your (‘scuse the pun) tail. There’s many things that make Collar Club unique, but your charitable programme makes it special. Tell us Jo, what did you do before your business?

At the very start of my professional career, Sustainability roles were few and far between. I was lucky enough to secure a role responsible for sustainable purchasing. This involved working on large projects,  sourcing and replacing single use plastics. While this role was extremely fulfilling, it did not provide me with the stretch and challenge that I had hoped for.

I moved on to work in ethical trade, visiting factories around the world ensuring that human rights and working conditions were upheld for those within the supply chain. As you can imagine this role can cause emotions at both ends of the scale, however nothing gives me greater pleasure than to nurture a factory and improve the working lives of those that work within.

Having been quite fortunate to work in an area I have such passion for, I was certain that any business I created would follow these core values. I have worked (and still do!) in ethics and sustainability for nearly 9 years, and was confident that I could create a company that focused on these, and ensured a balance between business and its social and environmental impact.

Wow! What an interesting career you’ve had. Go on then, I’m dying to hear some fun facts! What are some things people probably don’t know about you?

I don’t think that most people know that I do Collar Club as a second job, or that my degree is actually in nothing related to animals or sustainability… I actually have a degree in lingerie design.

Brilliant! No desire to create doggy underwear yet then haha?! What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

My walking bag that my mum made me. It’s the perfect size to hold treats and hand gel (who would have thought this would be an essential!) and made from a water repellent fabric with enough hardware to hang my dickie bag from.

Sounds like the dream bag! Tell us all about your adorable Collie Winston, he was the inspiration for the business after-all! How would you describe his personality?

A grumpy old gentleman with a super soft soul. He’s rather partial to humans and their rubs.

Adorable! Do you have any favourite dog friendly places you enjoy together?

I am always on the lookout for dog friendly places to go – especially those where you can get a good bite to eat! Otterton Mill in Otterton Devon do a mean savory scone!

That sounds delish! What’s your favourite destination to visit?

I absolutely love going to Cornwall with Winston. There are so many amazing dog friendly places that you can go. We recent went to the Lost Gardens of Helligan which was amazing. My other favourite place to go is the beach and we are lucky as my parents live near Exmouth beach – perfect dog walking territory.

Cornwall is dreamy! Speaking of dreams, what are your dreams or plans for the future?

Mainly concentrating on growing Collar Club through new and exciting sourcing opportunities. Sadly due to Brexit, I lost my amazing supplier of natural traceable treats but I am on the hunt for more – so watch this space!

Brilliant! Finally, where can people find your products/services?

You can find us online at In the warmer months, I hope to be back at some of the big dog events too!


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