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Our Experience at Burns Dogs Day Out

Hiya, I’m Piper! I’m a one year old, playful cockapoo pup from Wales. Me and my Mum are always visiting dog friendly places, hopefully, we can inspire you and your pooch to do the same. This week me and my Mum went to Burns Dogs’ Day Out at Pembrey Country Park.

Weekends are the best!

Weekends in my house are pawsome, I allow my mum a nice, lazy, lay in until about 7am and then I wake her up with a few licks, so that she knows it’s time to go on an adventure.

We pack up my grey backpack and off we set, exploring Wales four paws at a time!

This weekend, however, she woke me from my squirrel chasing slumber! Brushed me (yuck!) and popped on one of my bowties, grabbed my backpack and we were out of the door and into the car- ROAD TRIP! We were heading to the Burns Dogs’ Day Out!

I tried my best to be the pawfect passenger- I gave directions, howled along to our favourite tunes, had a few snoozes and even popped my head out of the window to check the weather (my humum isn’t a huge fan of rain, so I had to check and let her know adventure time was still GO!).

We drove for miles and miles, I contemplated where she might have chosen to take us today- the options were endless (sometimes though, I wish she’d check with me first as she’s got it wrong a number of times and our place to explore hasn’t quite met my standards. These include, but are not limited to: mud, water, other dogs to play with, treats and people to make a fuss of me).

We arrived!

Clearly my humum wasn’t listening to my backseat driving directions, as we went around the same roundabout a few times and she said some words she wouldn’t usually. But EVENTUALLY, we arrived to the Burns Dogs’ Day Out!

We pulled into a huge field in Pembrey Country Park, some men in scary hi-vis pointed us where we needed to go (my humum said they were lovely, but I barked at their jackets just in case).

Once we had parked I was ready to explore, there were tents and people and more doggies than you could shake a paw at! But my humum rained on my parade and pulled me into a big white tent, inside there she handed some posters to some ladies who made sure to make a fuss of me first, this made me slightly happier. We then went to check out the hail bails in the corner and I was allowed to climb on them!

We then went and met up with some of my pawsome explorer pals (Pig, Dizzie, Bindi and Shiloh). Dizzie and I played A LOT, we rolled in hay and mud- I even managed to dig a few holes! The rain started, so I splashed around until my humum stopped me and said “you can’t go in best-presented dog now” Why?!!? I’m a dog, muddy and wet is how I should look! But we then compromised, I didn’t go in that fun dog show class and I carried on playing.

We went to one tent where my hu-mum discussed with some very friendly ladies about me becoming a Burns Reading Dog (apparently I’d get my own jacket and get to visit children in schools for some pawsome reading time!), my hu-mum was doing the mum thing, showing me up, saying how friendly I am and that I have my moments but I can be calm. Excuse you, I thought, she was selling me short there! I needed to show this lady just how excitable I can be, I spotted my aunt in the distance so I howled and barked and ran and jumped, and smothered her with kisses! That proved how friendly and excitable I am! (Apparently, that wasn’t the angle my hu-mum was going for, you need to be a lot calmer for reading time- but I also love naps, I’ll show the lady that next time).

Having fun in the tents and stalls

We explored some more and found a tent filled with cakes and sandwiches, my humum was super mean and didn’t let me have any of her sandwich, so I got my own back and had a cheeky number two right in the centre of the food tent! That’ll teach her not to share!

There were so many stalls at the Burns Dogs’ Day Out, each one loved dogs and made such a fuss of me! I even won a HUGE box of Burns goodies in one tent, I showed my appreciation for this by digging a hole in the middle of it for them (so they could bury the rest of their goodies from thieves), spoil sport humum wasn’t too impressed by this and shortly after I was hauled into a police car!

I explained with licks and tail wags that there had been a misunderstanding and that I am a woofderful doggy, needless to say they let me go without charge!

We had a go on courses like agility and fly ball, I even completed a time recall race where I got a Burns rosette (now hanging proudly on my rosette board in my den). My hu-mum and I entered a few of the fun dog show classes: Bad Hair Day (which I thought was a bit of a cheeky, clearly my hu-mum hasn’t looked at her own hair lately! Obviously I didn’t ‘win’ in that class. We also donned our matching BTTB hoodies, I popped my ears in a bun and we tried Dog Most Like Their Owner, but other dogs and owners had matching hair colours so we didn’t place there either).

Making furiends

Despite my humum’s lack of talent or prize winning, I kept her around for the rest of the day. I spent a lot of time making new doggy friends and telling them all about Dog Furiendly, my humum did similar (not as well as me) with the humans. She also bought me some new bandanas and a treat bag- which she needs to fill pronto!

I had a pawsome day with the Burns Team, everyone was so lovely and welcoming, I made so many new friends and checked out my haul of goodies when I got home and I’m super excited to munch my way through that lot! I can’t wait for our next Burns adventure this week at Parc Y Bocs!

Where’s Your Favourite Event Taking Place?

Do you know of any great events taking place locally which you’re dying to sniff out? Let us know in the comments below.


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