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Are Dogs Allowed In Raglan Castle?

Hiya, I’m Piper! I’m a one year old, playful cockapoo pup from Wales and I love visiting dog friendly places with my Mum. This week, we explored the dog-friendly Raglan Castle and had a blast. Are dogs allowed in Raglan Castle? Yes, and we can tell you all about our experience there. Check out my story below for inspiration for your next dog-friendly adventure.

Saturdays were made for adventures

Saturday started the same as most others. I woke my humum up, chased intruder cats from my garden, licked Hugo and Willow (our cats) to say good morning, tried eating their food till humum told me off and we packed up a bag for an adventure!

We were headed to Raglan Castle and I couldn’t wait to find out if dogs were allowed in Raglan Castle. My humum had all the necessary information, but she always likes to double check if dogs are allowed at the locations we visit. Off we set, my humum driving and me riding shotgun!

Once again my humum ignored the annoying voiced sat nav and we ended up doing a million point turn in a country lane. We finally arrived at the spot and hopped out of the car!

My humum told me this was going to be a long adventure and that she had plenty of goodies to keep us going. Off we set down the pathway, my humum had attempted to read the map at the entrance, but as the sat nav incidents taught us maps aren’t her strong suit!

New experiences

I lead the way towards Raglan Castle, wondering if dogs were allowed in Raglan Castle? It turns out that yes they are. Dogs on lead are welcome to access ground floor levels. Fantastic. The adventure can begin.

As I walked up to the castle, there was a flowing river, trees, fresh air, space to run and ….. A MONSTER!?!? This big black monster was stood in front of me! I almost ran into her! She chewed on the grass and blocked my path, I could sense my humum was panicking so I reassured her with a quick soft bark and I leaped into her arms.

My humum said something about cows and it’s okay, I think she was reassuring herself more than me, but we managed to get past the strange creature I had never seen before and I was free to roam once more!

Further along the path, we came to a fallen tree. I elegantly slid over and under the branches to the other side. Humum stumbled and fumbled her way across, she didn’t seem as enthusiastic about the additions to our adventure day!

As we walked we also came across a cornfield, I ran into the corn to explore! Humum called me back, but everywhere looked the same! I ran around trying to figure how to get out, just when I thought all hope was lost and I was to become a pup of the cornfield, I saw my humum’s muddy shoes and heard our special whistle she does for me! Upon my return, I was righty greeted with a pat and some treats from humum. Onwards we go!

Piper Visits Dog Friendly Raglan Castle - Dog Furiendly

Castle fit for a CokaPrincess

By the time we got to the castle humum was huffing and puffing and looking a right state! I was a little wet around the edges, but working the look! We spoke to a lovely fellow at the castle gates who told humum some bits about Raglan Castle and we were in!! We’d made it to our destination, and we were thrilled to discover that dogs are allowed in Raglan Castle!

I walked up the draw bridge to the castle grounds and I knew, this was the kinda life a pooch like me should live! Huge space to play, no doubt endless supplies of chicken and pawsecco.

As I wandered the castle ruins I imagined what it must have been like, the dogs of the castle must have had a great life! Moats to play in, acres to explore, squirrels and birds to chase daily!

I sat on a throne, fit for a doggy queen like me. I went to the highest peak of the castle and admired the view (also was on squirrel patrol- the area was clear). I ran around the grounds and went underground.

There was so much to see and do and each area had a sign my humum could read- unfortunately they didn’t have any doggy guides to give me details and I wasn’t allowed to swim in the moat. But aside from that and the shambles my humum made of our walk there, I had a great day!

I would love to tell you more about Raglan Castle, but I need to doodle dash as I think I just heard humum mention the word bath…..

Where’s Your Favourite Dog Friendly Castle?

Let us know in the comments below, or tag us in your castle canine pics @dogfuriendly.


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