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Seth’s Dog Friendly Holiday in Aberystwyth and Aberdyfi

This week’s guest blog comes from our favourite sausage dog Seth! Last weekend Seth enjoyed a dog friendly holiday in Aberystwyth. Check out their adventures below.

“What are we doing this weekend then hooman” is the look I get from Seth every Saturday morning when he realises that he has our full attention for the next two days.  “A weekend of snoozes? A fight with the hoover? Barking pointlessly at the washing pole?” No Seth…. We are going on a dog friendly holiday in Aberystwyth and yes, you get to come too!! High paws all around. The best bit, we are meeting Charlie the Chief of Barketing from Dog Furiendly. You both have some important snifftigating to do.

Now all that was left to do was plan Seth’s luggage…This pooch doesn’t travel lightly.

Dachshund? More like Fachshund!

Why all the cases Seth!? “A hound needs to be #ontrend these days” I was told.  One night away was definitely a three-case trip for this fashion-conscious pooch. The essentials i.e. bedding, bowls, food etc I was assured, would be my responsibility as his human.

What on earth can one little Sosij need I asked? Carefully selecting his outfits for the trip,

“Well, I must take my waterproof Equafleece (two colours just in case). These keep me snug, dry and fit me like a Sosij glove.

Next in goes my harness. I’m going to look #onfire in this! This is so handy as it comes with a reversible pattern to mix things up in the fashion stakes.

Finally, how could I forget one of the trendy bandanas and bow ties that you make Mam? I’ll take one in each colour!

No trip is complete without my favourite toy to keep me out of mischief in the hotel, you don’t want me sticking my snout where it shouldn’t be.”

You do realise we’re going for one night Seth…..!?  I’m sure all Dachshunds owners can relate to the Stink Eye stare that followed.

dog friendly aberystwyth


Arriving in Aberystwyth mid-morning, we had planned to meet Adele, James and Charlie from Dog Furiendly at Sophie Bach Tea & Coffee Room. A lovely dog friendly café offering a warm welcome, plenty of attention, and belly rubs. Charlie and Seth sampled the dog-lollies and tea from their special dog-menu. Poor Charlie’s share of the lolly was wolfed down by Seth who thought it was utterly irresistible. The doggie tea came in a teapot with a separate bowl to serve once brewed.

After warming our cockles at Sophie’s we headed up to Aberystwyth Castle and took in the views of the coast and town – A perfect backdrop for photos,

dog friendly aberystwyth

Beach Babe

Seth seized the opportunity to do his model dog thing and posed for some shots. From here we walked down to the beach and strolled along the shore. You can’t visit a coastal town without getting sand in your paws and having a little dip, no matter what month of the year it is.

The windy walk had given us a big appetite and for lunch, we rested our paws and legs at The White Horse Pub. You couldn’t miss the “dogs welcome” sign outside and it was great to see other dogs in there enjoying the benefit of being allowed in. The usual pub grub was on the menu and service was swift and friendly.

dog friendly aberystwyth

Bellies full! 

Bellies full, we headed for Cocktails to The Libertine Cocktail Bar, it would have been rude not to. We were greeted with a warm welcome and sat down in the cozy surroundings and quirky decor. Careful consideration was taken over the cocktail menu, we ordered drinks and water was provided for Charlie and Seth without even asking (although Seth was far more interested in my “Bramble Mojito” – he’s developed a taste for blackberries from summer walks).

It was great to have Seth and Charlie in there with us, a place you wouldn’t necessarily think would allow dogs at first glance. Charlie attracted an audience from passers-by in the window impressing with his super tricks. I told Seth he needed to go to some sort of Sosij boot-camp. Charlie agreed to model some of our SethBows Bow Ties and Bandanas too, and the Libertine provided the ideal backdrop for this dapper shoot.

dog friendly aberystwyth

Time to wave goodbye!

Our day trip to Aberystwyth had come to an end and it was time to wave goodbye to our new Furiends and make our way to Aberdyfi. We had booked the Penhelig Arms, a dog friendly pub/hotel overlooking the Dovey Estuary. Check-in was simple and the staff was great. We soon settled into our room which also had a balcony to enjoy the stunning views, the only thing missing was the summer sunshine.

A quick evening stroll before dinner, we discovered an ‘honesty box’ by the pay and display car park in the village. It had home-made cakes, jams, and cards. The Bara Brith and Marmalade looked too good to resists so we popped our money safely in the box and tried to resists eating it there and then.

We also spotted “Dyfi Dogs”, a small independent pet shop, they had a great selection of products from what we could see peering through the window. Had we arrived during opening hours, I’m sure Seth would have had fun selecting some goodies.

dog friendly aberystwyth

Our Stay in the Penhelig Arms

We booked the Penhelig Arms as they had the bar area designated as a dog friendly zone, this meant that Seth could join us for dinner and breakfast. As you can imagine, Seth is a bit of a diva and doesn’t take kindly to being left alone, so this was a big plus for us.

The food was delicious and Seth was happy to see that dog treats were available at the bar if you wanted to treat your pooch. What followed was a chilled-out evening talking to locals, absorbing the wood burner heat and sipping mulled cider – bliss! There were a few other dogs enjoying the cosy surroundings of Penhelig during the evening.

We can safely say we all enjoyed our whirlwind tour of Aberystwyth and Aberdyfi and will definitely be returning in Summer to make the most of those balcony views and walks!

dog friendly aberystwyth

Share Your Adventures

Have you ever been on a dog friendly holiday in Aberystwyth? Share your favourite places in the comments below.

You can follow Seth on his adventures on Instagram @seththewelshsosij & @seth_bows


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