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The Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs On Etsy

Dog Furiendly have made their pick of the best dog Halloween costumes.

It’s nearly the spookiest time of the year and that means apple bobbing, scary films and the chance to dress up your pooch.

While dressing up the dog can provide plenty of fun and giggles it’s really important for you to consider whether or not your dog is happy and comfortable. Most dogs are relaxed but if your dog shows any signs of stress, then don’t force them to wear it. Make sure the costume isn’t too tight around their neck and that it doesn’t interfere with your pet’s mouth, sight, hearing, breathing, or impeding movement. Oh, and if they are dressed up, never, ever leave your pooch unsupervised.

If they are comfortable with dressing up, then we’ve combed through Etsy to find attire that will make your pup the cutest pumpkin on the patch!

Check out our selection of the best Halloween costumes for dogs available on Etsy.

Squid Game Costume

Dress your pooch up as the hit series of the year for Halloween. Various numbers available on the tracksuit.

Halloween Bat Wings For Dogs

Halloween Bat Wings  Pet Halloween Costume  Sml Dog Prop  image 2

There’s no doubt that these wings will make your dog stand out this Halloween, just make sure that they don’t fly away!

Halloween Dog Hat & Bow Tie Set

Dog Halloween Party Hat Halloween Hat And Bow Halloween image 1

For an outfit that’s smart yet startling you can’t go wrong with this cute bow tie and pumpkin hat combo!

Saw Headband

Funny Pet Costume / Halloween / Dog Halloween / Cat Halloween image 1

A fun option that won’t be too warm for your pooch. This is a good choice if your dog wants to join you in the fun of a Halloween costume but tends to get stressed out in material.

Frankenstein Costume

SMALL  Frankenstein Plush faux fur Halloween costume image 1

Hopefully the mob won’t come out with pitchforks and blazing torches when they see you walking your little monster!

Dracula Halloween Dog Costume

Be weary of your pooches fangs this Halloween when they’re dressed as Dracula! It will still be hard to resist a kiss from them even if they are after your blood.

Pumpkin Halloween Dog Costume

Pumpkin Halloween Costume

You can be sure your dog will be the cutest pup on the patch in this pumpkin outfit.

Chucky Dog Costume

costume Dog halloween dog clothes image 1

This hilarious costume will have your hound looking like Chucky, the nightmarish doll from the film Childsplay. Luckily, your dog will look more cute than terrifying.

Spider Costume

Dog halloween costume Spider dog costume dog clothes image 1

Let your pooch weave some wicked webs this Halloween in this great costume. Not advisable for any dog-loving arachnophobics!

Crocodile Halloween Costume For Dogs

Get ready to rock around the croc with your pooch in this fun but frightening outfit!

Is Your Pooch Dressing Up This Halloween?

That’s our selection of the best Halloween costumes for dogs from Etsy. Have you sniffed out any great costumes that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

Check out our guide to the best Halloween dog bandannas. For more gift guides head over to Houndy.

Written by Michael (Dog Furiendly)

Hey there all you cool canines and puppers! I'm Michael, the Sales and Barketing Manager at Dog Furiendly. You'll usually find me working in the pack to bring you some of the very best dog friendly locations across the UK.


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