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What To Pack For My Doggy Glamping Holiday?

Hiya, I’m Amy! You may have noticed, that previous blogs I have let Piper compose and whilst I love my little ball of fluff dearly- she does lack in the packing department, therefore she has very kindly given me permission to write this on her (our) behalf… All it took was an hour of constant belly rubs, agreeing to play her idea of ‘fetch’ for a week and a couple of treats!

Seasoned campers?

In our house, we like to think of ourselves as seasoned campers, but last weekend when we had the pleasure of staying at glamping site, Top of the Woods, it became very clear that we’re not. We rely on more experienced campers who join our adventures to pick up the slack for us!

In light of this realisation we will remove the title of ‘seasoned campers’ from our family resume and instead we have compiled a list of glamping must haves ready for our next holiday!

Human Packing Essentials

  • Sensible footwear: There’s no doubt going to be plenty of beautiful places to walk nearby, so we recommend packing your walking boots or suitable footwear! You don’t want to get caught in our freaky British weather with a pair of flip flops that break during your walk.
  • Food and snacks: Unless you’re lucky enough to have found a glamping site that caters for you, then food and snacks are essential. You’ll want goodies for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and those in-between moments! Glamping sites usually have kitchenette facilities on site, and some accommodation even have a kitchen included.
  • A portable charger: As much as we all love to think we can handle a weekend without contact to the outside world it is a lot easier said than done. That’s not forgetting all the photos you’re going to want to take. So take one with you to ensure you are never caught short!
  • Towels: Always come in handy after a shower, and not all glamping sites have them included. They also come in handy for muddy pups!
  • Bedding: Not all glamping sites come with bedding, so be prepared and double check. That being said, it’s always good to take your own so you can have your dog cuddle up with you.
Top of the Woods

Pooch Packing Essentials

  • Bowls, food, treats: Maybe some bottles to fill with water for the hikes.
  • Poo bags: Because no-one likes to be caught short!
  • Dog blankets and towels: To clean off any muddy paws and make sure your prince or princess is warm during the evening.
  • Dog’s Bed. A lot of us need our favourite pillow to get a good night sleep, your fur baby also loves their home comforts and familiarity to be able to settle and rest. Also, dog’s aren’t always allowed to sleep on glamping bedding so take it with you just in case.
  • Cooling Accessories: If (like Piper) you have a loveable diva on your hands, don’t forget their cool mat because if we are hit with a heat wave they will find it harder than us to cool down!
  • Leads: Whilst we love allowing our precious pup to roam free, we also need to remember that some of the other guests might not like dogs. Or there may be some other dog’s on-site who are a little more nervous and need some space. We all need to be mindful and respectful of one another, so it’s good to have a lead on hand for areas. You may come across some livestock, and our dogs need to be under our control to protect the other animals.
  • Outfits/accessories: Might sound a bit random, but while capturing the special moments you want your dog looking their best!
Top of the Woods

Do You Have a Glamping Holiday Booked?

Side note: I am very proud that I managed to type this one handed, whilst giving Princess Piper her required belly rubs, but I must dash as Ramsey needs some cuddles too! For more of Piper’s adventures visit @pipers_lyrics. Share your packing essentials with us below.

Top of the Woods


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