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Wilma’s Favourite Dog Walks in Chester

The problem in Chester is not trying to find somewhere to walk your pooch but having to choose from one of the amazing dog walks in Chester that the area has to offer.

First, let me tell you about myself before we dive, nose-first into my wal.. wait, I can’t say that, or I’ll be off and there will be no introductions! My name is Wilma and I was rescued from the Dogs Trust in Rode, Shrewsbury in February 2017. If you have seen me on Instagram you might be wondering why my handle says “wilmanotthewestie”? Well, it started when my humans were told I was a westie cross when they decided they wanted to give me a forever home. However, I continued to grow, and they began to wonder what my breed actually was. What other breeds could I possibly be crossed with? My humans decided they wanted to find out, so I had a simple DNA test and low and behold turns out I didn’t even have any westie in me after all.  I was, in fact, four crossed with four different breeds. Half Alaskan Malamute, a quarter Staffordshire Bullterrier, and the rest made up with Akita & Bichon Frise. What a unique concoction! SO that’s where the #4Dogz comes from. So that’s me. Now…. Walkies…

Caldy Valley

Friday, hometime. Time to go to the pub? Not tonight. Well not yet anyway. Caldy Valley is where we’re starting for our dog walks in Chester. Just outside the city centre by Sainsbury’s there is a 12-hectare green corridor running from Rowton Moor almost to the River Dee in Huntington. This is perfect for a short walk with a small dog or you can even get a few laps in if you fancy a peaceful walk to tire out your humans. The car park on Chester Road has space for 10 vehicles and there are also several entry points to the dog walks in Chester, such as Chester Road, Huntington and nearby housing estates. A winding brook runs through the park, making it a prime spot to see fishing kingfishers. The park also features a children’s play area and a green space for fetch games.

If by now your humans are still not too tired and need a longer walk, you can always make your way towards the city to Sandy Lane Aquapark. You will often find other dogs with their humans here and is a good place to make friends. Take a rest on benches along the River Dee with views of the meadows and maybe spot the Lady Diana or Mark Twain boat. Refuel at The Mount Inn on Sandy Lane with dog-friendly refreshments and views. We always enjoy this dog walk in Chester.

Helsby Hill

What are your humans up to today? Are they watching the football game with the guys or going shopping with the girls? My humans are taking me for an adventure to Helsby Hill for my first time. They parked on Alvanley Road, Helsby WA6 9PU which had free parking available. The uphill walk to the hill is steep and the ground is quite uneven, so make sure your humans have appropriate footwear.

Helsby Hill is perfect for both short and long dog walks in Chester, and the views from the hilltop are breathtaking. The newly erected wind turbines add to the serene view of Cheshire and the Mersey Estuary, even with the busy motorway in plain sight.

After admiring the views, my humans decided to take the forest path rather than the hilltop. Good footwear is a must on this route as my human slipped in the mud. But the weather was dry, otherwise, the walk could have been cut short. If your humans are feeling energetic, they can continue the walk around the hilltop, through the countryside, or back to the car park via the village. On this first trip, we chose to take the forest path back to the car. We will definitely be coming back to explore more.


Whilst most people in Chester are thinking about what meat to have with their Sunday dinner or if the sun is out enough to warrant firing up the BBQ, why not take your pooch for a dog walk in Chester and explore one of the amazing places that the area has to offer. Loggerheads is one such destination, set in the foothills of Moel Famau just a few miles outside of Mold. This country park, once used for lead mining, is the perfect place to take your dog for a walk and enjoy the beautiful wooded river valley. Parking at Loggerheads costs £2, but can be up to £4 depending on the length of your stay. There is a café and gift shop located at the beginning of the trail, perfect for refuelling before or after your dog walk in Chester.

As you approach the trail, you are greeted by a cliff face that looks awfully high. If your humans are feeling energetic, they can take the right path to the top. For a peaceful walk, turn left along the old watercourse. Follow the most obvious paths and look for Moel Famau’s peak. Weave through the Welsh woodland to reach the river and play fetch if allowed. Soon, you’ll hear barking from Alyn Boarding Kennels and Catteries.

Your humans can explore Devil’s Gorge, a dark cave with a view, then rehydrate at the café before ending the best dog walk in Chester with a treat, like your favorite ice cream.

Where are your favourite dog walks in Chester?

If you like the sound of our walks you can check out my YouTube Channel to watch my adventures in Loggerheads and Helsby Hill. Videos are coming soon… We have also filmed a couple of our other walks around Cheshire so take a look. Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram.


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