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Date Ideas for Dog Lovers: A Guide to the Perfect Dog Date

We’re teaming up with the hearts at Admiral Pet Insurance to explore all the lovey-dovey ways you can take your dog on a date. Why? Because, let’s face it, if there’s anyone who deserves all the quality time in the world, it’s our loyal canine companions! Our dogs shower us with their unconditional love every single day, making every moment a little brighter with their wagging tails and heart-melting eyes. From thrilling adventures on the road to cosy nights in, there’s a whole world of date ideas for dog lovers out there. Discover your perfect dog date!

Explore Somewhere New

We dare you to grab a dog treat, and throw it on a UK map – whatever place it lands on is the place you should go and explore. Picture strolling through lush, green landscapes or trotting along sandy beaches, with every step uncovering another exciting smell for your dog and a breathtaking view for you. Imagine the wind fluttering through their fur as you drive down scenic routes, or their excitement as they hop on and off trains, discovering new sights and smells. And with the right pet insurance by your side, you can embark on adventures worry-free.

Book A Staycation

How about booking a dog friendly staycation? There are countless dog-friendly cottages, hotels, and B&Bs that offer more than just a place to stay; they provide a home away from home. Many of these spots boast direct access to sprawling gardens, beaches, or walking trails — perfect for that morning stroll or a nighttime wander under the stars. Imagine snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with your furry friend, tired after a day’s adventures.

The Wonderful ‘W’ Word

We all know that the W word (W, A, L, K, I, E, S) is a favourite amongst all dogs. So it’s no surprise that this is one of the best date ideas for dog lovers. A long walk exploring new trails or park is a fantastic bonding activity. Pack a backpack with a blanket and some of their favourite healthy snacks, and stop for a picnic together.

Let your dog lead the way and take time to fully immerse yourself in each moment of your stroll. Pause frequently for belly rubs, cuddles, and play. Bring a ball or frisbee so you can play fetch in a beautiful natural setting. A relaxing mindful walk together will strengthen your bond and show your dog how special they are to you.

Dinner Date Out

The best dates always involve food! Take a trip to a dog friendly cafe or pub. Many restaurants now offer special dog friendly menus and seating areas so you can dine out together. Check Dog Furiendly for dog friendly places to eat. Share a meal with your pup by your side makes for one of the best date ideas for dog lovers. Just be sure to bring some dog treats or their own food along as well! Making it a regular date night outing is a great way to bond with your pup!

Things You Can Do At Home

Have a Doggy Spa Day

Give them a bath with a lightly scented shampoo they enjoy made especially for dogs. Choose Calming scents to help them relax during bath time. Gently massage the shampoo into their coat and let them soak for a bit before rinsing. Brush their coat until it’s soft, shiny, and tangle-free. Trim their nails, clean their ears, and finish off with a relaxing massage. Your pup will feel refreshed and pampered after their at-home spa treatment. Be sure to give them lots of praise and cuddles too!

Build a Fort

We all loved to build a fort when we were younger. Now, it’s even more exciting because you get to share your snuggly den with your pup. Build a comfortable fort with all your comforts and blankets from the house. Finish it with some fairy lights and snuggle together with dog treats and Netflix! Speaking of Netflix…

Doggy Movie Night

Snuggle up and watch a dog-related film. Make a big bowl of popcorn and a little portion of dog-safe pupcorn to munch on together in front of the TV. Cuddle on the sofa with your pup curled up beside you as you watch their favourite pup-flick. Give them lots of belly rubs, cuddles, back scratches, and Let them fall asleep on a cosy blanket.

How To Make Pupcorn


  • 1/2 cup of plain popcorn kernels
  • 1 cup of peanut butter (make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol(
  • 1sp olive oil


Pop the popcorn with olive oil and add it to a large bowl. Mix in the peanut butter and lightly coat the popcorn. Leave to cool until set.

Have a Games Night

Game nights are not just for us humans, with our Monopoly jailbreaks and Scrabble word wizardry. They offer heaps of laughter and joy, and guess what? Your furry friend can join in the fun with their very own version.

Engage in some scent work by hiding treats around your home, a fantastic exercise for both their body and mind. Despite their keen noses, dogs sometimes need a little nudge to tap into their sniffing prowess.

You could also set up an obstacle course of boxes or overturned cups with hidden treasures beneath. Hide and seek takes the fun indoors, showing your dog an item or person before concealing it. Offer vocal encouragements to guide them, understanding it might take a few tries for them to catch on. But oh, the delight when they do! And of course, lavish them with praise upon their triumphant discovery.

Doggy Gifts

Take a fun trip to the pet shop and make it all about your dog by letting them pick out anything they want! Take them to pick out a new stuffed animal, or ball. Let them sniff out and select some gourmet treats like or dental chews. Shower them with goodies to play with and eat. Wrap up their new items so they can excitedly unwrap their gifts.

Wrapping Up Our Love-Filled Adventure

The most important thing is spending meaningful quality time together. Don’t forget to tell them just how much you love them! With a little creativity, you and your pup can have a wonderful time celebrating your special bond.

Think about what your dog loves most – long walks, playing fetch, snuggling on the couch, going for a car ride? Make those beloved activities part of your holiday celebration. Tailor the day around showing your dog extra affection through their favourite experiences. Simple focused time together will mean more to them than elaborate gifts.


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