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No-Bake Doggy Flapjack Recipe

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A recipe that requires no baking. What the heck are we woofing about? We’re woofing about the tasty, No-bake flap-jack Russells. These tasty treats are sure to have your pooch drooling, and they’re so simple to make!

Please Note: We are not doggy nutritionists and every dog is an individual. What might be good for most might not be good for another. Always tailor each recipe to your own dog’s needs and tastes. If you have any questions about your dog’s diet, please contact your vet. If you notice your dog has any adverse reaction to any of the treats stop feeding immediately and contact your vet.

Recipe: No Bake Flap-Jack Russells


– 120ml Lactose-free milk, 
– 130g of peanut butter (no xylitol)
– 380g Oats

There are so many options available for lactose-free milk, you could choose between soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk. Alternatively, you could use a low sodium chicken broth or water.

You’ll also want to opt for natural peanut butter, make sure it has no xylitol as it’s harmful to our pooches. Also, best to make sure it’s free from palm oil with no added salt/sugar. You can find this in most supermarkets. We love this one from NCP produced by harnessing Cornwall’s bountiful rays of sunshine and coastal winds in a zero-carbon and zero waste eco-factory.

You may also want to grab a couple of cookie cutters to make some small quirky shaped pancake bites! We love these little bone-shaped stainless steel cookie cutters.


1) Stir vigorously to combine the first 2 ingredients in a large bowl.
2) Slowly stir (and Mash) in the oats, about a 3rd at a time. The mixture will be very thick.
3) Scoop out with a desserts spoon into damp hands to form a ball shape.
4) Place onto grease proof/parchment paper
5) Pop into the fridge for at least an hour.


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