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Is Your Dog Like Everyone Elses?

We all know that every dog is unique. But there are some things they do which make you wonder “hmm, are all dog’s like this?” So we’ve put this poll together to find out!

  • Question of

    Which Stroke Does Your Dog Prefer?

    • Belly Rubs
    • Butt Scratches
  • Question of

    Who Does Your Dog Prefer Playing With?

    • Doggy Pals
    • Human Pals
  • Question of

    What Does Your Dog Prefer Playing With?

    • New Toys
    • Old Toys
  • Question of

    Learning Tricks! What Motivates Them?

    • Treats
    • Attention
  • Question of

    Ooooh food?

    • Fussy
    • Foodie
  • Question of

    Time For A Rest

    • Cuddles
    • Personal Space


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