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Is Your Dog Like Everyone Elses?

We all know that every dog is unique. But there are some things they do which make you wonder “hmm, are all dog’s like this?” So we’ve put this poll together to find out!

  • Question of

    Which Stroke Does Your Dog Prefer?

    • Belly Rubs
    • Butt Scratches
  • Question of

    Who Does Your Dog Prefer Playing With?

    • Doggy Pals
    • Human Pals
  • Question of

    What Does Your Dog Prefer Playing With?

    • New Toys
    • Old Toys
  • Question of

    Learning Tricks! What Motivates Them?

    • Treats
    • Attention
  • Question of

    Ooooh food?

    • Fussy
    • Foodie
  • Question of

    Time For A Rest

    • Cuddles
    • Personal Space

Written by Dog Furiendly

A HUGE woof and waggy tail to you all. Welcome to our tail-wagging community where we share a woof load of dog friendly places, travel guides, tips, and houndy advice for your canine companion.

This platform is created by dog owners for dog owners, and boy do we have a lot of fun creating it together! There's nothing we love more than seeing dog's thrive and seeing dog owners create cherished memories with the pooch that last a life-time.

Have fun, let your fur down and we'll catch you on the flip-side where you can plan and organise your dog friendly adventures.


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