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5 Rare Dog Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

You probably see dogs every day but have you ever seen any of these rare dog breeds?

Pooches come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. In fact, there are probably tens of breeds that most people don’t even know exist.

I think most people agree that all dogs are good dogs. From the lovable Labrador to the sassy Chihuahua each dog breed has its own unique personality traits and features. These 5 breeds in particular have bags of character and charm!

Here’s 5 rare dog breeds that you might not know about, because it would be boring if we were all the same!


Height: 33cm- 72cm

Weight: 10kg-32kg

Podenco’s are commonly associated with Spain, however, their heritage dates back over 5000 years to Ancient Egypt. If this is true then Podenco’s must be one of the oldest breeds in history.

They grew in popularity in Catalan in the 19th Century where they were used to hunt rabbits and other game. Unfortunately, even today the breed is classed as a “working dog” in Spain meaning they are not protected by animal rights laws. When hunting season finishes many Podenco’s are tragically left abandoned on the streets.

These dogs are sweet and loving but with a strong prey drive. They are not easy to look after but they are an incredibly rewarding breed to care for.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier, Bedlington, Terrier, Dog, Canine

Height: 38-43 cm

Weight: 8-12kg

This unusual looking but adorable breed is playful and affectionate. They get on well with children but can sometimes become stubborn if they sense that their owner is a soft touch.

This breed is sometimes referred to as a little “powerhouse” because of their energetic nature and love of digging, they can also run surprisingly fast. Bedlington’s can become quite wilful and high strung if not challenged, especially when it comes to barking. They need a lot of physical exericise and mental stimulation to keep them happy.

Similar to a Whippet the Bedlington Terrier loves getting off lead and running! These dogs can suffer with both small dog syndrome and separation anxiety so owners need to be the clear family leader and ideally have plenty of time to spend with them.

Estrela Mountain Dog

These big fluffy balls of love are a great addition to the family

Height: 50cm-68cm

Weight: 35-45kg

These gentle giants are the perfect cuddly family dog. The Estrela Mountain Dog was used for a long time as a livestock herder but adapts well into a family and becomes very protective of its loved ones.

This breed has a strong desire to protect the home and family. This means that good training is required early on to make sure these dogs don’t become more aggressive in adulthood. Estrela’s also need to be socialised with other dogs from a young age due to their dominant personalities. It is important that they learn to be around other dogs without becoming aggressive.

These dogs have very distinctive features like their rosed ears and the hook at the end of their tail. Due to the history of being shepherd dogs Estrela’s can be inherently mistrustful of strangers but will be extremely obedient to their masters. They also give great cuddles as you can probably imagine!

Kai Ken

This rare dog breed hails from Japan where it was used as a hunting dog

Height: 40-52 cm

Weight: 10-15kg

This stunning breed originates from Japan.It was discovered near Mt Fuji where it was used as a highly intelligent hunting dog. It is sometimes referred to as the Tiger Dog because of its lovely brindle colouring and pattern.

Kai Kens require a lot of exercise as they are very energetic dogs. Plenty of running around and stimuli are needed before they will be willing to settle down and rest at the end of the day. Due to their extremely high energy levels Kai Kens can become destructive if they become bored or their routine is too sedentary.

This breed can have a tendency to be a little stubborn meaning it might not be the dog for inexperienced pet owners. However, these dogs are also incredibly loyal and very affectionate towards those who care for them.

Pyrenean Shepherd

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a rare dog breed with a big heart

Height: 35-45cm

Weight: 8-14 kg

These cute critters love to play games, they’re high energy, excitable pooches. Pyrenean Shepherds can be of either rough faced or smooth-faced variety. The smooth-faced dogs have short fur around their noses while the rough-faced have longer and tougher hair.

Pyrenean Shepherds are a rare dog breed with high exercise needs. They require lots of walks to keep them content and often excel at agility training and dog sports. While their excitable nature might be too much around young children these dogs do make very affectionate companions who bond well with the whole family.

What do you think of these rare dog breeds?

Have you heard of any before? Perhaps you have one? Have any of these furry fellows captured your heart?

Let us know your favourite breed in the comments!

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