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7 Haunted Dog Friendly Hotels To Stay Overnight

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If you and your pooch are the next Scooby Doo and Shaggy, then you’re going to love these haunted dog friendly hotels. Each comes with its very own haunting ‘tail’, complete with some ghostly characters who wander at night.

If your pooch doesn’t spook easily, we dare you to book one and stay overnight! Don’t forget to pick up a Bloody Mary at the bar…

Adelphi Hotel & Spa


The Adelphi Hotel has been coined, the most haunted hotel in Britain by paranormal investigator Tom Slemen.

Tom claims to have seen ghosts while giving talks in the hotel’s Sefton Suite. The ghosts seen were shipmen from the Titanic, including Captain Edward Smith. It’s also been reported that the staff have also seen a grey lady in a Victorian style dress while in the basement. 

This wonderfully spooky hotel isn’t actively promoted as such, but rather a hotel of ‘rich history’, beauty and relaxation. Standing proudly in the heart of the city, this hotel is the perfect base for Liverpudlian adventures whether you’re into spooks or not. 

Over the years, the Adelphi has hosted celebrity guests including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Bob Dylan, to mention just a few. Dogs are welcome for; £10 per pooch per night; £10 refundable deposit applies; max. 2 pooches per room.

The Mermaid Inn


This spooky slumber was featured on Most Haunted, and it doesn’t shy away from it’s haunted history. This hotel is more than happy to welcome your dog in the rooms (£5 per pooch per night), should you want to spend a night in this spooky hotel. The rooms come complete with all the traditional features, creaking floorboards, and 600 years of haunting.

The haunted history dates back to the 1700’s where a band of smugglers (and their mistresses) known as the Hawkhurst Gang would visit the inn. Legend has it that five of them have never left. Guests have reported bottles shattering in the middle of the night, swaying rocking chairs on their own, and other supernatural stories.

The Bell Hotel


This coaching inn has plenty of history dating back to the 16th century. There’s always a spooky story to tell when it comes to old coaching inns. This story is owned by the ghostly ex-landlady. She likes to reside in the comfortable rooms facing onto King Street. These rooms are packed with character, but have left plenty of guests with spooky stories to tell.

They love dogs at the Bell Inn. Dogs are welcome to stay for £10 per pooch, per night. It’s perfectly placed for the delights of nearby Thetford Forest, where no doubt, more spooky walks await.

Jamaica Inn


The Jamaica Inn is found high up on the wild and beautiful Bodmin Moor. It’s been welcoming travellers for over 300 years. The Inn was made world-famous by Daphne du Maurier’s book The Jamaica Inn. This was a tale of smugglers, rogues and pirates and it even got turned into a film by Alfred Hitchcock and more recently made into a BBC drama. 

People visit the Maurier museum and the ghosts of various smugglers who are said to haunt the bar, restaurant and one of the rooms. This place was also featured on ‘Most Haunted’ and was said to be one of the scariest places they had ever visited. The inn runs regular ghost hunts, murder mysteries and events all themed around its haunted past.

Did we mention it’s haunted dog friendly hotel? Dogs are welcome to stay the night for £15 per pooch, per night (max 2 dogs per room). Each dog is welcomed with a bed, bowls and treats at the bar. It’s an iconic Cornish location and packed with a great atmosphere.



Fancy spending the night locked up behind bars? The Malmaison allows you to do just that. These quirky rooms are packed with character and all the original prison features dating back to the 1800’s. The interior is far from groggy bunk beds and buckets, in fact it’s beautifully decorated, filled with funk and high-end trimmings. The cells each come with a haunted past, of the various executed prisoners. They tend to roam the cells and common areas in between.

Not all of the rooms are prison cells so be sure to ask should you want to experience this unique stay. Well-behaved dogs are welcome to stay with you. Please notify them during the booking process or in advance directly with the hotel. There’s a charge of £10 per night. 

Tulloch Castle


Possibly our oldest property on the list. This Dingwall castle dates back to the 1200’s. It’s bursting with haunted tales of ghostly residents who have been known to wander the ancient corridors. 

The most well-known ghost is the Green Lady who is believed to be the ghost of Elizabeth Davidson. Her family once owned the castle and her tortured soul has been known to play throughout the building, including sliding down the staircase. 

Guests are always given a warm Scottish welcome, including furry companions. Dogs are welcome at this haunted dog friendly hotel for £10 per pooch, per night (up to two dogs).

Craig y Nos


Possibly the most dog friendly place on the list. This tail-wagging castle is jam-packed with history, dating way back to the 18th century. The castle was graced by one of world’s greatest opera stars, Adelina Patti. Adelina quickly fell in love with the castle and made it her home. The big hall where she loved to sing can still be found with most of its original features today.

When Patti died, the castle become a hospital and then home for the elderly. The castle is said to be haunted by Adelina Patti as well as some of the hospital patients and elderly residents. It featured on Most Haunted where they did an ouija board séance and heard high pitched noises with moving chairs and tables.

 In 1986 the building became privately owned, and nowadays you can find one of the best dog friendly places in the country. All en-suite rooms are comfortable and dog friendly. The best part? There’s no charge for taking your pooch! Dogs are also allowed to dine with you in the Patti Bar – and dogs will even get their very own breakfast sausage. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a wide choice of comfy dog beds behind reception and by the coffee machine to save pampered pooches from lying on the wooden floor. 

Do You Know Of Any Spooky Places?

Visited any spooky dog friendly places? Perhaps you’ve stayed in a haunted hotel with your canine companion? Let us know in the comments below!


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