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Our Luxury Dog Friendly Campervan Adventure In West Wales

When the dreary drizzle of February beckons, most would snuggle up at home, but not us! Myself, my spirited 6-year-old, and our two fluffy comrades, Charlie and Minnie, embarked on a rather special adventure. Our chariot? A luxury campervan from Cymru Camper Furniture, nestled just a hop, skip, and a jump from the M4 in Carmarthenshire. This wasn’t any ordinary dog friendly campervan; it was the epitome of luxury on wheels, setting the stage for an unforgettable family weekend exploring the delights of Pembrokeshire.

Luxury Dog Friendly Campervan

From the moment we stepped inside, it was clear this dog friendly campervan would redefine our concept of road-trip luxury. Far from your standard vehicle, it was a beacon of comfort and style, blending cutting-edge technology with the warmth of home. The van was a tech enthusiast’s dream, boasting a cinema projector screen among its standout features, turning our evenings into enchanting movie nights under the spell of Netflix and iPlayer, all from the comfort of our cozy retreat.

The kitchenette transformed mealtimes into delightful culinary adventures. Equipped with a Ninja Air Oven, an electric hob, and a mini-fridge, it made cooking a joy rather than a chore. The inclusion of plates, cutlery, and cups, alongside a functional sink with running water and table to sit and eat, meant every meal felt like a homely affair.

Rainy days revealed the genius of the outdoor mini shower system, perfectly placed for washing off the day’s adventures from boots and paws alike. The interior of the van was a marvel of luxury and efficiency, with mood lighting that could shift the atmosphere from serene to celebratory at the touch of a button. Converting the seating area into a plush bed was a simple joy, enveloping all five of us, dogs included, in a snug embrace each night.

The campervan’s ingenious design made every inch count, featuring blackout blinds for undisturbed sleep and ensuring that, despite its compact size, it felt like a spacious haven on wheels. It was more than a vehicle; it was a testament to Cymru Campers’ commitment to an unparalleled travel experience, where luxury, comfort, and adventure were crafted into every detail.

Our Pembrokeshire Tails

Setting off from our weekend base at Maengwyn Hir Campsite in Llanfyrnach, we were surrounded by the stunning Preseli Hills. Our explorations took us through the charming towns of Tenby, Saundersfoot, and Cardigan, each brimming with welcoming spots for both two and four-legged family members.

In Tenby, Charlie and Minnie found joy on the expansive sands of North Beach, a perfect playground for zoomies and shell hunting. The town itself, with gems like Billycan and the Chock Shop, offered up delights for all of us. Saundersfoot continued the trend with HARBWR Bar & Kitchen and the Tramway Cafe serving up hearty meals and scrumptious desserts, ensuring our furry friends were just as pampered.

Our adventure also led us to the magical Pizza Tipi in Cardigan, where dining around a campfire with our dogs by our side under twinkling lights provided a cosy refuge from the rainy weather. Our last day unfolded at a leisurely pace, watching films in our van before venturing out to Heatherton World of Activities for a day of archery and dog agility courses, a fun-filled conclusion to our soggy adventures. As far as dog friendly attractions in Tenby go, this one is by far the best!

Enjoying The Simple Things

Amidst the unpredictability of drizzles and fog, we found profound joy in the simple pleasures. Our luxury campervan, a warm and inviting sanctuary, became the heart of these moments. Cinema nights with Harry Potter, serene coastal views enjoyed from our snug haven, and the laughter of family board games reminded us that happiness often comes not from grand adventures but from the beauty of togetherness and the freedom to explore at our own pace. Our dog friendly campervan gave us not just shelter but the freedom to roam, discover, and embrace every opportunity, rain or shine, underscoring the joy found in life’s simple, unplanned moments.

Reflections on Our Campervan Adventure

This weekend with Cymru Camper Furniture was more than a mere getaway; it was a tapestry of laughter, discovery, and the luxury of time well spent with family. The dog friendly campervan, with its thoughtful design and high-tech amenities, was the perfect backdrop for creating memories to last a lifetime, allowing us the freedom to explore West Wales’ beauty in unparalleled comfort and style. It reminded us that the journey itself can be as enchanting as the destinations it leads to, leaving us with dreams of our next campervan adventure and the simple joys it will bring.

Book Your Campervan Adventure

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