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Adventure For Less – 5 Money Saving Dog Friendly Travel Tips

Bills are on the up – and although the doom and gloom of it all seems unescapable, that shouldn’t mean we can no longer go on our favourite dog friendly escapes! Being able to visit a destination with our four legged friends in tow is just what we need sometimes. So here are our 5 top tips to adventure for less!

1. Book Off-Peak

Book your trips away for obscure times such as mid-week or Sundays – Tuesdays. Be sure to avoid the school holidays and any bank holidays too as these are often busier and much more expensive. This can really help cut the cost of your tail-wagging destinations, sometimes knocking almost £100 off per night depending on the location!

There is also the added bonus of things being a little more peaceful at these times too which is perfect for more nervous dogs. With more empty space on that dog friendly beach for the best seaside walkies, or making that coffee shop just that little bit more peaceful for lunch, I mean… who wanted to go for the weekend anyways?

2. Look Further Afield

If there’s a main attraction you want to visit in the heart of the town you wanted to stay, you can save almost £100 just by booking somewhere that’s a little further away from the centre of the town or city.

For most places, to stay in the centre is typically much more expensive than on the outskirts (call it convenience at a cost), and you can utilise public transport or drive to the destinations you wanted to visit.

3. Public Transport

Following on from the above, use more public transport where possible! We are fortunate that in the UK most public transport is pet friendly. There are many trains, boats, bus and even cable car companies that allow dogs to accompany you, saving you on those expensive parking tickets as you roam from place to place. Parking costs are sometimes incredibly expensive with some at almost £10 for over an hour stay! We highly recommend using public transport for your travelling endeavours if you can, after all, travelling is all part of the adventure too!

4. Ready Steady Cook!

If you book somewhere to stay, why not opt for a self catering cottage where you can make the most of rustling up something delicious in your home from home. Eating out is absolutely part of the experience of going away, but if you have breakfast and dinner at your stay you can save on the expenses of 3 meals out and save any leftovers for lunch. Let’s be honest, we all know those dog friendly coffee shops are where it is at for lunch but sometimes a cuppa and a pastry can cost as much as £10!

If you want to pinch those pennies even further, you could always skip the coffee shop and pack some pastries and a flask of tea or coffee (don’t forget some water for the pups). We also love packing up a homemade lunch and enjoying a picnic at a local beauty spot or park.

5. Follow Dog Friendly Places On Socials

If you follow your favourite B&Bs and dog-friendly staycation spots on social media (even the pricy ones) they will often share cheaper deals, some launch giveaways (you’ve got to be in it to win it right?!) and last minute cancellation slots. You can grab and fill these for a last minute get away at a total bargain price – win win!

Share Your Dog Friendly Travel Tips

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 tips to adventure for less! Do you have any super saver tricks for bagging those B&B bargains? If so, please leave a comment and spill those beans below! 

Until next time!


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