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Introducing A New Puppy To Your Dog – Dog’s Point of View

Hey there, I’m Piper, a lively one-year-old cockapoo from the beautiful Wales. Adventures, new faces, fellow dogs, swimming, and my beloved toys – Squeaky Octopus, Duck, and Lamb – fill my days with joy. My mum and I are all about exploring dog friendly spots, and we’re here to spark some inspiration for you and your furry friend. This time around, we’re chatting about introducing a new puppy to your dog, as we’ve recently welcomed a tiny newcomer, Ramsey, into our lives. Dive into our journey below.

The Beginning of a New Chapter

It all kicked off one rainy Tuesday evening when mum came back from work, whisked me off for a brisk walk, and then dashed out, leaving me with our feline housemates – the audacity! She returned later, a mix of sadness and the scent of another dog. Despite my irritation, I tried to offer some comfort, puzzled by her encounter with another pup. She shared a heart-wrenching story of visiting a potential little brother for me who, sadly, was in a dire situation due to irresponsible breeding. Although mum’s heart was set on rescuing him, she couldn’t support such unethical practices and reported them instead.

While this tale has its sombre notes, it’s a reminder of the critical role of rescue centres and ethical breeders. Mum’s search for a sibling for me continued until she revisited my breeder, who had a 9-week-old boy needing a home.

introducing a new puppy to your dog

Hello Mini Me

Mum came home, showering me with love before introducing me to a little bundle in the garden – it was like seeing my reflection! After a playful romp, mum gathered us, including the cats, to announce that this bundle, Ramsey, was my new half-brother. And just like that, I stepped into the role of a big sister.

When introducing a puppy to your dog, I’ve gleaned a few pearls of wisdom to share. First off, ensure the introduction is done in a neutral space, like our garden, to avoid any territorial tensions. Keep the initial meeting brief and positive, allowing both dogs to sniff and explore each other at their own pace. Always supervise these early interactions closely, ready to intervene gently if needed.

Gradual introductions are key; don’t rush the process. Give your resident dog and the new pup plenty of separate time to relax and adjust. Remember, patience and positive reinforcement go a long way in building a harmonious sibling relationship between your dogs.

Being a big sister meant guiding Ramsey, even if it meant sharing my toys and meals. Initially hesitant, his presence soon had me polishing off my food with zeal to ensure he didn’t snatch it away. Sharing space and attention was new to me, especially since I relished being the star. Our training sessions took a step back to basics to accommodate Ramsey’s learning curve, earning me a bounty of easy treats.

introducing a new puppy to your dog

Sharing is Caring?

The concept of sharing didn’t sit well with me at first, especially when Ramsey seemed interested in my toys. But as mum introduced the toys gradually and encouraged shared play, I slowly warmed up to the idea.

introducing a new puppy to your dog

Toilet Training

Toilet training was a hiccup, with puppy pads making a comeback. Despite my best efforts to guide him, I refrained from taking too much charge to avoid upsetting mum. Our home also became a hub for visitors, ensuring I wasn’t overshadowed by the new addition.

Adjusting and Growing Together

The initial weeks were a mix of grumpiness and adjustment as Ramsey’s playful nature often disturbed my peace. However, joining him on walks marked a turning point. Sharing toys, cuddles, and even reverting to basic training became less of a chore and more of an adventure. Despite the occasional vet visit for Ramsey’s mischief, I’ve grown fond of my role as a big sister.

Mum’s patience and our gradual adaptation have made welcoming Ramsey a rewarding experience. Whether he’s up for play or needs a little cleanup, I’m there. Ramsey’s arrival has been a perfect addition to our family.

introducing a new puppy to your dog

Questions Around Introducing A Puppy

How long does it take for a dog to get used to a new puppy?

It varies; some dogs might take a few weeks to adjust, while others could take a bit longer. Patience and gradual introduction are key.

How do I get my dog to accept a new puppy?

Gradual introductions, supervised interactions, and ensuring your existing dog still receives plenty of attention can help smooth the transition.

Will my dog be okay with a new puppy?

Most dogs will eventually adapt to a new puppy in the household. Ensuring you manage the introduction and transition carefully can aid in building a positive relationship.

What is the best way to introduce a new puppy to another dog?

Start with controlled, brief encounters in a neutral space, gradually increasing their time together while monitoring their interactions. Always offer support and reassurance to both dogs.

Have You Introduced A New Puppy to Your Dog?

Have you introduced a new puppy to your dog? Whether they’re a perfect match or still finding their feet, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. Don’t overlook the importance of puppy insurance to protect your new bundle of joy and ensure their puppy behaviour integrates smoothly into your family dynamic.


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