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Ryecroft Meadow- an enclosed field

Ryecroft Meadow is a beautiful 4-acre field in the countryside location of Gresford in Wrexham. The field is perfect for dogs that cannot be let off in public areas, giving the sense of security for all dog owners and to work on training or nervous dogs and for you to feel less stressed and confident whilst letting your dog off-lead in a large area.

The best thing about this field is that its available all year round, unlike other dog fields, for exclusive hire and also playtime sessions for dogs to socialise, learn and play with other dogs.

It is Obi’s 5th Birthday today and we decided to take him to Ryecroft Meadow for a Medium and Large dog playtime session. He absolutely loved it. I mean he could not stop smiling the whole 1 hour we were there.

Upon entry of Ryecroft Meadow it is very easy to see signs directing you through the working farmyard to a small car park which is provided for the dog field. It is very accessible for any car especially considering we drive a little Toyota AYGO- this is saying something.

You must have purchased a space for your dog to come along as they have to control the number of dogs at these play sessions. Using the name of the person who will be attending on the day with your dog, you are greeted by a young lady with a warm smile at the gate which will correctly match you up with the booking details.

There is a rule that because it is a working farm dogs must be kept on leads until they have entered the dog field and shut the gate fully behind them. This securing the dogs within the field. Once everybody for the booking has arrived and have entered the dog field you will be allowed to let your dogs off the lead to run and prance around like the crazy animals they are… in this case my silly dog went straight to the long grass in the corner and started gobbling the grass as if he hadn’t ever seen food before, which is definitely not the case (secretly a cow apparently).

The field is massive and at the bottom of the field is loads of cute little enrichment activities such as play tyres, a sandpit and various toys.  There is also a picnic table and a garden seat that could be of interest if you wanted to sit down with other owners and chat about doggie things whilst they wildly run around playing with each other. Water bowls are also provided and it didn’t take long for Obi to sniff those out and re-hydrate after sprinting around with other large dog breeds.

There is also a poo bin next to the gate which is very handy for when leaving the field so you can easily discard of the dogs waste (which must be cleaned up by the owner).

For our dog- we thought this was a fantastic way for Obi to make new friends and actually have a proper run around without us having to far him spotting a hedgehog or squirrel a million miles away (greyhound= stupidly great sight) and then have to look like an idiot running after the fastest dog in the world whilst he sprints off into the distance without you. The playtime session happens every week and we have decided to go every week for Obi’s sake as he really enjoyed the attention from other dogs. For only £4.50 each dog for 1 whole hour (plenty of time for your dogs to play and get tired)- why say no?

I must recommend in wet weather to take wellies or proper water proof hiking shoes as it is a field consisting of some uneven bits and variety of grass lengths therefore you will get wet whilst walking around the dog field if the English weather is being a bum and raining.

I couldn’t give anything less than 5 out of 5 wagging dog tails for this field as the sense of safety and security is there and its not a small field its a massive 4 acre open grass field and Obi really enjoyed himself with all the other dogs that attended today’s session. Hopefully, we will see you at the next play session with your wagging fur-riends.

Score is in: 5/5 wagging tails for Ryecroft Meadows Enclosed Dog Field.


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