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10 Personalised Dog Christmas Decorations For Your Tree

Nothing says Christmas more than a decorated tree. And while we all know our dogs are the real angels in our life – unfortunately, they can’t perch on top of our Christmas trees. Dogs can still have pride of place on the tree with these custom dog Christmas decorations.

Whether you shopping for yourself or for a gift for a fellow dog lover these doggy decorations will get your tails wagging! With so many styles to choose from let’s jump in and get ready to deck the halls with waggs and holly!

Personalised Photo Ornament

Personalised pet Christmas hanging bauble decoration  image 4

What we love about this decoration, is that it’s personalised with a photo of your choice. The finishing touch is edited with a gorgeous Christmas frame and then printed onto MDF wood. It’s super cute and beautiful way to add your canine companion to your tree.

Jingle Bell Personalised Heart

Dog christmas bauble Ceramic hanging bauble keepsake bauble image 1

This hanging ceramic heart has a sweet little jingle bell on it. The little jingle means the bells will ring out for your dog on Christmas day. It’s completely customisable with your pets name and a date of your choosing.

Treat-Filled Bauble

This bauble is one for the dogs. The bauble comes with a clear 3D bauble filled with treats. It’s personalised with your dogs name too. Although if you have a particularly hungry hound like mine you may want to hang it out of reach so you don’t risk a crash-mas tree disaster! We don’t want your pooch on the naughty list now do we?

Breed-Specific Decoration

Bernese Mountain Dog Personalised  Christmas Ornament image 1

This Polymer clay ornament features a beautiful watercolour style print, with 33 different breeds to choose from! You may be a little limited depending on your breed, although you will find some of the rarer breeds mixed in here too!

Personalised Portrait Woodslice Decoration

Personalised Dog Christmas Bauble Personalized Dog Christmas image 1

This little personalised woodslice bauble is PAW-fect for any tree. Your dog is carefully created by carefully cutting textured and patterned paper to the correct shapes and layering them up to create your dog’s portrait. It’s finishing come from fine liner pens and a specialist glue is used to ensure that the paper remains in the right place. Your dogs name can also be added to the back. It’s very delicate and festive looking – one of our favourites!

Forever In Our Hearts Decoration

Personalised Forever in our Hearts Ceramic Heart  Decorations image 1

A memorial ceramic heart decoration featuring the quote “forever in our hearts” and your pets name. Such a beautiful way to celebrate and remember our companions fondly who have crossed rainbow bridge.

Custom Wood Decoration

Personalised Christmas Tree Decoration Bauble Pet Dog Cockapoo

These burned wood ornaments have got us barking-mad! The natural tones of these wooden dog Christmas decorations means they feel right at home on your trees.

Wooden Silhouette Decoration

Christmas Personalised Dog Bauble  Tree Decoration image 3

And if that style didn’t tickle your fancy these little wooden silhouettes are also beautifully natural and make a tree-rific decoration.

Santa Paws Decoration

Personalised Christmas Bauble Personalized Dog Christmas image 1

These vinyl printed Christmas dog decorations are baubles with a modern twist! Each one features gorgeous red nosed pooches ready to light the way to your heart.

Do you have any special dog Christmas decorations?

Have you had any personalised decorations made to give your pooch a special place on the tree? Which one of these caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

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