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A Heartfelt Mother’s Day Message to Fur Mums Everywhere

My fur mum is the best, even though I’m quite needy, she cuddles me (a lot), and buys lots of treats to feed me. She knows how much I love her, as I howl when she’s not there, and keep her company in the bathroom, with my loving doggy stare. She takes me on long walks, where I whizz and bark with glee.

It goes without saying but being a mum is one of the toughest most rewarding jobs there is and not a day goes by where we aren’t grateful for all their love and support, not to mention all their hard work and sacrifices. Mother’s day is the perfect day to tell our mums just how much we love and appreciate them. 

Because you can’t understand our bark, this is a message to all the lovely fur mums out there.

A message from your best buddy, partner in crime and fur child.

Dear Fur Mums Everywhere,

This is for all the fur mums who walk in the rain, the snow, even when sick and exhausted.

This is for all the fur mums who’s clothes are covered in mud the moment they step into the park.

This is for all the fur mums who show up at work with dog hair everywhere and poo bags in their purse and coat pocket.

This is for all the fur mums who research, find and collect the most nutritious treats, wholesome healthy food and safe toys.

This is for all the fur mums who taught their dogs all the tricks, and for all the mothers who opted for just sit.

This is for all the fur mums who’s prize art collection consists of photos of their dog, proudly placed around the house.

This is for all the fur mums who lost clothing, furniture or something of value to the teeth of their pooch.

This is for all the fur mums who frantically phone the vet after Googling symptoms – spending money on a check-up just for reassurance.

This is for all the fur mums who’s dog has escaped from their clutches making your heart skip a beat for their safe return.

Thank you for everything.

At time’s you may not feel perfect, you may feel like you’re failing and you may feel like you’re not good enough but to me, you rock!

You take us on walks, you feed us and keep us healthy, you play with us and pick up our poop, you give us a home with all we need but that will never compare to the love you give us.

You will always be pawfect to us. We love you like crazy and will always have your back.

Happy Mother’s Day.
Love your fur babies xoxo

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Pooch?

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation and love to the dog mums who care for their dogs every day. Whether it’s taking a long walk, spoiling them with treats, simply cuddling on the couch, or showering them with gifts, or booking a dog friendly glamping holiday. There are many ways to celebrate the hard work and love that fur mums put into their role.


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