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11 Of The Best LED Dog Collars For Dark Walkies

Searching for an LED dog collar for your dogs twilight walkies?

There’s nothing more important than keeping a close eye on our pooches during an off-lead dog walk. Especially during the dark evenings and early mornings which instil a sense of worry and panic in us all. Light up collars can also make it easier for drivers to see your pooch and can go a long way to preventing accidents.

Give yourself peace of mind with an LED dog collar. We have rounded up some good quality, LED dog collars without the hefty price tag.

What is an LED dog collar?

During the dark winter nights or early mornings, you may need extra visibility for your dog to keep them safe and secure. A collar with LED lighting does just that. It helps you to keep track of your dog, keeps them visible to motorists and can help to light your walk.

What to consider when buying an LED dog collar?

There are a couple of things to think about before getting an LED dog collar. You will want to make sure the material is durable, sturdy and above all comfortable for your dog. Ideally, a combination of reflective and lights on your dog collar is the best solution. Extra factors include:

Battery size and weight of the collar. You’ll want the collar to be lightweight and comfortable for your pooch. Some LED collars have an oversized battery pack that can weigh your dog down. Double-check the weight of the collar, especially when you have a small pooch.

Chargeable: All of the collars in this guide do not require batteries and are rechargeable via USB. Take a look at how long the collar takes to charge and how long the charge holds.

Type of light: There are several types of lighting to choose from. Collars that light up around the entire neck 360, can be helpful to see your pooch from far-away distances. Other collars have a single strip of LED lighting on one side, which can reduce visibility at certain angles. It’s also worth noting the type of LED used, the brightest on the market being F5 Super Bright. Many of brands suggest the distance the LED collar can be seen from, use this as a guide.

Sizing: It’s essential to get the most appropriate size for your pooch so it’s comfortable. You should be able to fit two fingers in between the collar and neck of your dog. Some LED collars are sized, while others allow you to adjust them with the snip of a scissors.

Waterproof or Water-resistant: Most of the collars are designed to handle a small amount of water, which is suitable for all weather conditions and for dogs who love to dip in the water.

Light pattern: LED collars come in different settings. While some provide a solid light, others provide options for blinking/flashing lights. Having the option is usually more beneficial.

Should I Just Get a Reflector?

Most people wonder whether or not to get a reflector over an LED collar. For hiking, or really dark walks, reflectors are not as effective. Reflectors require a source of light. LED collars guarantee a source of light.

MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar

Nobody wants to worry about where our little buddy has run to in the dark. This collar has got your back, with illuminating high-quality features visible from a distance. The collar can be charged via USB, so there’s no need to faff around with batteries. The LED has a bright light but it’s not an eyesore and comes with different light settings (slow blink, quick blink, steady light). There’s plenty of colours to choose from including blue, green, orange and red.

Oh and it’s waterproof, perfect for the wet weather or for dog’s who love to splash around.

PetIsay Dog Collar

Sometimes it can be tricky to see an LED collar that only has single-side lighting. This durable collar features 360 sparkles around the neck to let them shine through the darkness. It comes in a basic size, which you can adjust manually with scissors.

You can change the light settings from a steady glow to slow or rapid flashing. It’s also USB charged and has an 8-hour life after a 1-hour charge.

PetBright Rechargeable Dog Collar

Another great LED collar that is charged by USB. Take the collar off the night before and charge it up for a fun stroll with your buddy. This collar is available in a variety of colours, visible from 300 meters with 360⁰ illuminating super-bright LED lights. It’s also made of nylon for durability and comfort. Fully weatherproof come rain or shine!

PetIsay Ultimate LED Dog Collar

Another from Petlsay, who know how to make a great LED collar. Their number one priority is for you to see your bestie from every angle during dark or low light walks.

This collar in particular has great visibility of over 400 meters. It takes up 2 hours of charging via USB and then entertains you for 7-8 hours, more than enough for one or two strolls. It’s also reflective, waterproof and comfortable – all great features for an LED collar.

Oladwolf Light Up Collar

Another brand lighting the way in LED dog collars. Oladwolf has a great range of collars to protect your pooch from the danger of dark or low light walkies. With this range, you can easily keep an eye on their glowing wiggly tail with a distance of 500 meters.

This collar has a standard length of 55 cm which you can adjust by cutting with scissors. These special collars are constructed from organic silicon TPU which is lightweight and slightly better quality than most ordinary LED collars. There are also extra luminous pendants that can be used interchangeably with the collar.

Fun Pets USB Rechargeable Collar

This collar features one of the highest intensity lights to let everyone know your fluffy dog’s whereabouts. The collar is made with F5 SuperBright LED lights – the brightest on the market. There are three different modes of LED lighting, and it comes in a large range of different colours. This collar is durable and built to last with the best top quality materials and components.

PetSol Dog Collar

Talk about a disco on your dog. We love these LED collars with seven colours to choose from. No need to worry about getting the wrong sizes as this collar is completely adjustable. These are once again made with F5 SuperBright LED which is the most vibrant and visible light for an LED dogs collar.

Above all, Petsol provides a 100%, hassle-free guarantee. So if it doesn’t wag your tail, you can get a full refund or exchange.

Programmable Dog Collar

Looking for something different to the rest? This LED programmable collar, comes with its very own app. You can create a scrolled message or pattern to display on the collar. This collar makes walking safe bright and fun at night time.

It’s durable and made with high-quality nylon materials and a super bright LED display. The collar is lightweight and durable with a strong buckle. The fully charged battery lasts up to 6-8 hours.

Illumiseen Dog Collar

Taking the dark walkies just got so much easier. This LED collar provides a safe signal and considers the comfort of your little champ. Seven sizes and six different colours to choose from. Not only does it provide the ultimate visibility and safety from all angles but you can also purchase an LED flashing lead to go with it. The collar has different flash modes with the tap of a button, including steady mode, rapid flashing and slow flashing.

PetSol Ultra Bright Dog Safety Collar

PetSol is well known for providing high luminous LED lighting to your pets’ collars. In comparison with the other PetSol collar, this one is ultra-bright, and made from a high-quality TPU material. The TPU material is easy to clean after wet, muddy winter nights.

This collar is available in five vibrant colours with three different modes of lights; constant, steady flash or fast flash. The 360 light around the neck is the perfect way to make your pooch visible in the dark.

PcEoTllar Flash Dog Collars

One collar, seven different LED colours. These collars are perfect for your little homie. The collar is made with a super bright optical fibre, perfect for improving the visibility of your pooch in the dark. It’s also waterproof, so no need to worry about your pooch when they pop in the water! The collar is made from. a super strong 100% polyester webbing material and can be adjusted to fit any size.

Share Your Favourite Light Up Collars

These are some of the best LED dog collars on the market for your little friend. Make sure the collar you’re getting is luminous, light-weight and durable.

Do you have an LED collar for your pooch? Share your top product or tips and tricks in the comments below.


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