8 Of The Best Dog Subscription Boxes

There was a time when if you wanted a new t-shirt you had to go the shop and buy one. Now, services like “monthly tee club” and “threads” will send you one every month!

Similarly, to cook a meal for your family used to require a trip to the supermarket to acquire the ingredients. Today, “Hellofresh” will bring the ingredients to you along with instructions of how to make a delicious, nutritious meal. 

It seems like there is a monthly subscription service for almost anything these days. So fear not dog lovers! Your furry best friend isn’t excluded from this one.

Here’s our round-up of our favourite subscription boxes for dogs!

1. Itch

Keeping on top of flea and tick treatment, can be a real pain in the fluffy tail. Fortunately, there’s a subscription box that will do the remembering for you. Every month, Itch send the right dose to your door at the right time. The box is completely personalised for your pet and comes with add-on products to help with a range of wellbeing needs. One thing less to worry about, means more time planning adventures together. You can also get your first month for FREE!

2. Burns Puppy Club

This one is a little different to your usual subscription box, but guess what? If you have a puppy you’re in luck because it’s completely FREE! Burns love nothing more than the pitter patter of little puppy paws. So they’ve created a special membership club to help new pet parents navigate the first year of their dog’s life.

As part of the club, you’ll receive a complimentary 6kg of award-winning pet food (2kg puppy food & 4kg of adult food), 12 months of need-to-know advice delivered by expert nutritionists plus exclusive member gifts such as a birthday card when your pooch turns one. You’d be barkers to miss it!

3. Collar Club

We had our first Collar Club box last week and both Charlie and Minnie LOVED every last treat crumb found in the box! It contains various items, including 100% natural treats and eco-friendly, sustainable products. They hand pick each product from a range of well known brands, and smaller, artisanal brands.

Their aim is to help your dog discover their new favourite treats and toys all while putting people, the planet and pets first. Well they definitely succeeded in their aim, because we found some incredible new treats which has Minnie’s mouth-watering, and even smaller treats to suit our fusspot Charlie.

So what’s in the box? No two months are the same with Collar Club because they like to keep a certain element of surprise every month! Each box contains one carefully selected dog toy which is completely safe and free from any harmful chemicals (Minnie LOVED her handmade rope toy from Party Mutts). A selection of 100% natural treats, with no artificial colourings, flavourings or additives. This month included dried herrings, handmade chicken biscuits from, buffalo bits, training treats and jerky! One tasty natural chew or chewy toy, which this month was a yak snack!

4. Woof Box

Woof Box is a bundle of FUN! Together you can choose between a monthly treat bag or boxes jam packed with goodies. Your dog will go barking mad for the toys and healthy treats in this selection.

5. Wuf Wuf Treat Box

Dog subscription boxes from WufWuf contain a mixture of items including plush toys, tough toys, treats, chews and surprise items and accessories. Boxes usually follow a fun monthly theme, prior examples include Sherlock Holmes, dinosaurs and rugby.

6. Postman Pooch

Postman Pooch have a range of box options priced from £14 up to £31. While you can customise less than other services allow, Postman Pooch do offer plans for dogs and puppies prone to chewing up their toys. For dogs who do so boxes of tougher toys and treats are available instead of soft plushes.

7. Paw Post

Paw Post offer natural wholesome dog food in addition to eco friendly toys and accessories and holistic health products. They offer both dog boxes and dog treat boxes depending on your preference and all products are sustainable.

8. Happy Hounds Puppy Treat Box

These boxes contain a mix of chews to help teething. They also feature treats that promote calmness and treats that can be used when training your dog. Boxes only suitable for 8 weeks and older puppies.

Do You Have a Pooch Subscription Box?

What do you think of subscription boxes? Will you be treating your pooch to a monthly surprise? Let us know in the comments!


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