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East Linton Dog Walk – Arya’s Adventures

Arya thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of her favourite dog walks. East Linton ticked lots of boxes for her including a Dog Furiendly stop at the end! Approximately 3.5 miles it’s a nice warm up walk to start the year.

East Linton – Markle Circular walk

We found a version of this walk on the East Linton page but the path that was supposed to run close to the northern side of the railway didn’t seem to exist (or was just such a quagmire it didn’t look like a path!). Not to be defeated we continued on the alternative path marked on the map and found a nice route that took us exactly where we wanted to go so we thought we’d share this. There are sheep and other livestock on the route (not to mention anglers near Markle!) so it’s best to keep doggles on a lead for this one.

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The Route

Park up in East Linton and head along High Street past the road junction signed to Preston Mill. Turn left down Langside and continue to the end of this street straight onto the path that goes under the railway.

Continue straight uphill (signed Pencraig) until you come to a T junction with another path. Take the right hand path (going away from Pencraig) and follow this until you see a fence line. Turn left and follow the field edge along the fence line until you see a stile, cross the stile (it’s an easy one for doggles to manage if they are too big to be picked up) and continue downhill on the path towards Markle fisheries.

Follow the path through Markle fisheries (please be respectful to the fishermen) until it runs parallel to the road near the railway level crossing. There is a shortcut to save you having to walk up the road from the Markle Fisheries entrance by turning right and popping up onto the road infront of the level crossing (there is enough space for you to be off-road and safe with your doggles but please keep them on a short lead).

When clear cross at the level crossing and walk up the road ~100 metres until you see the sign to East Linton pointing right onto a path along a field edge.

Follow this path back towards East Linton (doing your best Railway Children impressions if trains pass!). This will take you back to Rennie Place, turn right and walk the length of this road continuing straight when it continues into Longstone Avenue. At the end of this avenue is an alley way which will take you back to the end of Langside, where you have been at the beginning of the walk. Turn left onto Langside then at the end right onto High Street and continue back to East Linton centre.

Dog Friendly Grub

Explorers Arya and Tyree say no walkies should go unrewarded and there are loads of good places to stop for a drink or food.  One of Tyree’s favourites locally has to be Barney’s Coffee Shop on the High Street but Arya says that The Crown and Kitchen pub is only a little further if you want a bigger meal and she loved the attention she got in there.

Check out the search bar on the Dog Furiendly hompage to see the full list of other places nearby. 


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