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Nel’s Guide To Dog Friendly Bowness

My name’s Polly and my Cocker Nelly (@nelthecocker) has BEGGED me to write a guide to our favourite place, on this earth! Dog friendly Bowness!

We visit Bowness as often as we can, as we stay on a boat on The Marina Village (we will be writing a blog soon about staying on a boat with your pooch), so I do like to think of myself as a Bowness pro!

Where To Stay

Like I said before, we always stay on a boat we have on The Marina Village.

There are apartments that you can rent to stay in for a mini holiday here; however, I have never stayed in them so I can’t give an opinion! What I can give an opinion on though is the Virginia Cottage Bed and Breakfast.

We stayed here a few weeks ago because the boat has been winterised, this means there is no water on-board and, to be honest, I didn’t fancy trekking for a wee in the middle of the night! So, I hopped online, typed in Dog Friendly Bowness, and picked the cheapest dog friendly hotel… believe me trying to find a cheap hotel in Bowness is like trying to find gold dust.

I’ve done a review on this hotel so go and check it out as it will go into further depth, but overall the stay was incredible and we will definitely be going back. There are also many, many campsites around Bowness, we haven’t tried any as of yet but I’m sure they are all amazing.

Things To Do

Well, where do I start! One of our favourite things to do when we are in Bowness is walk by the Lake Side. I don’t know what the walk is officially called so I call it ‘The Marina Walk’!

It is a walk to and from Bowness and The Marina Village. I love it because when the weather’s nice, we go to mini Tesco, buy ciders and food, and have a picnic by the lakeside as there is a large area of grass where everyone sits!  All the dogs run around in the water together chasing after sticks, it makes for a great afternoon!

Another GREAT thing to do is going on a boat cruise! There are boat tours running all day, with different routes going to different places, and dogs are more than welcome!

We went with Nel and she loved watching out on the water as we went around the Lake; it’s so picturesque. It can get quite busy on a nice day so I always recommend booking your ticket early then making sure you get there to avoid the queueing and grab a great seat on the top deck!

Places to eat!

As a rule of thumb, everywhere in Bowness is dog friendly (despite a few)! However, I’m going to name our favourites!

Our FAVOURITE place to go would have to be The Boathouse Bar and Restaurant, which is based on The Marina Village. They serve amazing breakfast but only on weekends (we have been caught out more times than you can imagine); but the food all day is amazing. We have never yet been to Bowness without going to the Boathouse, and everyone we take with us we always introduce them to it!

Our next favourite place to go for dinner would have to be the Swan. It’s just a ten-minute drive away from the Boathouse and it’s on a canal; which could not be more picturesque if it tried! If you like watching the world go by this is definitely the place. The food is also brilliant, especially the fish and chips which is a very firm favourite of mine!

As I write more of this section, I am slowly realising that I am claiming to have a LOT of favourites, but they are all my favourites! It is way too hard to pick just one. So, again, in Polly fashion… my next favourite. I

f you are only spending the day in Bowness with your pooch, and you had to pick one place to go, I would definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend The Flying Pig! We have been for breakfast and dinner here and it never fails to disappoint. They absolutely love doggos, will bring you a dish of water and give lots of fusses. They always have great music playing and it’s just such a good environment. It took a while for us to try this place but we ALWAYS go back now!

If you do like drinks, you’ll probably know this next place… The Fizzy Tarte. Now, a Bowness trip is definitely not a Bowness trip without a cocktail at The Fizzy Tarte. After I rescued Nelly, this is the first place I ever took her in public… priorities. We love it and the staff are so friendly when you go with your dogs. If you haven’t heard of it then please, just go to Bowness purely for this!

Next door to this is Baha. Baha is a pacific street food restaurant and bar, and we love it! It’s right next door to the Fizzy Tarte, it’s kind of hidden away so it can be forgotten but it’s definitely a hidden gem!

Shop, shop, shop

Again, as a rule of thumb, most shops in Bowness are dog friendly!

There is a Pandora on the Bowness high street which is so dog friendly; I have walked past before and seen big Newfoundlands wandering round! Which I think is amazing!

Now, onto the BEST shop in Bowness- Raining Cats and Dogs. We really do spend hours in here when we go to Bowness. It is an independent pet shop, run by the lady who hand makes collars and leads Mabel & Mu.

It sells everything… I mean everything! Treats, coats, collars, bandanas, bows, leads, harnesses, and dog-related things for humans too! My partner gets very annoyed and impatient when I start to walk that way but it’s such a lovely shop and the lady that owns it is so lovely; she loves to see all the pooches!

Have you visited Bowness?

I hope this guide will help you if you decide to take your pooch to the very dog friendly Bowness! I have also added all of these destinations to the Dog Furiendly website so you can see all of the postcodes and addresses! I’d love to know if you’ve been anywhere dog friendly in Bowness! It’s our favourite place to go so maybe it’s somewhere we haven’t tried before!


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