Autumn Styles for You and Your Furry Fashionista

Ah, Autumn is in the air – that magical time when leaves turn into works of art and pumpkin spice invades everything from lattes to dog biscuits. But wait, who says humans should have all the fun? Our furballs are itching to flaunt their inner fashionista and strut their stuff in the fabulous world of Autumn fashion. So, hold onto your pups and get ready for a tail-wagging adventure through the functional and fabulous Autumn outfits for our four-legged pals.

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Autumn Dog Tags

Who said necessities couldn’t be fabulous? Dog tags might be legally mandatory, but that doesn’t mean they can’t strut their stuff! Feast your eyes on these utterly gorgeous handcrafted autumnal resin dog tags from doggessart. These little pieces of pet bling don’t just follow the rules – they redefine them with a burst of nature, a dash of colour, and a whole lot of style.

Autumn Inspired Collars

Okay, let’s talk dog collars – The ultimate fashion statement for our four-legged pals! Sure, they’re necessary for walks but that doesn’t mean they can’t be the hottest trend on the block. Check out these jaw-dropping handmade leather and biothane dog collars that take fashion to a whole new level. From bold patterns to shimmering hand-stamped accents, these collars turn everyday ‘walkies’ into a fashion runway. So, while your pup struts their stuff, they’ll be turning heads and making tails wag in envy.

Sweater Weather

Embrace the crisp embrace of autumn with a cosy new sweater that perfectly complements your furry friend’s companionship during those enchanting seasonal strolls. Wrap yourself in comfort and style, making each dog walk a delightful adventure. With the gentle rustling of leaves underfoot and a gentle breeze whispering through the trees, there’s no better time to indulge in the soft embrace of a new autumn sweater complete with your pups sweet face!

Autumn Dog Harnesses

Indulge your canine companion this autumn with a twiggy tags harness that boasts an exquisite seasonal charm. Tailored to enhance both your and your dog’s experience, these multi-use harnesses seamlessly blend functionality, practicality, and comfort with a touch of aesthetic allure. Canine comfort takes precedence, thanks to the incorporation of breathable mesh lining that lends a lightweight and breezy feel, yet remains sturdy enough to tackle any outdoor escapade.

Tip Tip For Autumn Safety

Ensure that you and your furry companion stay safe during your evening walks. We recommend a Light-Up Collar or Harness Attachment, allowing you and others can see your dog from a distance.

Most collars are made with powerful LED lights seamlessly integrated into the collar to give off a luminous glow that makes your pet easily noticeable to you, passing cars, and fellow pedestrians.

These collars are reasonably priced from places like Amazon; however, some don’t appear particularly robust. Therefore, we would recommend walking your dog with their regular collar or harness and using the light-up collar exclusively for safety.


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