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Bellyfuls of Love: How Your Pet Food Bank is Saving Furry Families

Alison Smith who runs the Your Pet Food Bank from the garage of her home.

In the midst of financial pickles, when life seems to have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at you, the love of a pet can be the brightest ray of sunshine in the storm. Our furry friends offer endless support, joy, and love, making the rough patches just a little bit smoother. But what happens when even keeping a beloved pet becomes a challenge? That’s where Your Pet Food Bank steps in run by Alison Smith, ensuring that both pets and their humans receive the support they need.

A Tale of Pawsitivity and Dedication

Alison Smith started this CIC in Sheffield in 2021, providing pet food for local food banks and community centres. The idea was simple: help those facing financial hardship keep their pets at home, preventing gut-wrenching decisions to re-home or surrender their furry companions. Since then, the organisation has spread its wings to cover South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and Gainsborough, supporting 22 food banks, community centres, and other food programmes.

In 2022 alone, the CIC donated over 110,000 pet meals to those in need, making a pawsome impact on countless families and their pets. Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, as they received a nomination for the Animal Star Awards 2022.

Alison Smith who runs the Your Pet Food Bank from the garage of her home.

A Bark For Help

The Pet Food Bank relies entirely on community support and donations – redistributing pet food and supplies to those in need. With many people struggling due to job losses and low income, the need for help is constant.

Despite the incredible work they’ve done so far, Alison is always in need of more help and support. The pet food they receive is distributed as quickly as it arrives, a testament to the overwhelming demand for their services. If you’re looking to lend a helping hand, consider donating pet food, supplies, or your time to this fantastic cause. Even the smallest contribution can make a world of difference to a struggling family and their cherished pet.

As Your Pet Food Bank continues to grow, there’s no doubt that their impact will only become more significant. Together, we can ensure that the love between humans and their pets remains unbroken, even in the most challenging of times. Let’s give our furry friends the chance to continue offering the love and support that they so selflessly provide.

Their dedication to keeping pets at home not only supports their humans but also helps lighten the load on animal rescues. Let’s come together as a community and help make their mission a reality for even more families and their pets.

How Can You Lend a Paw?

Lend a paw to Your Pet Foodbank and help keep tails wagging! There are plenty of ways to support Your Pet Food Bank. Give us a woof on Facebook @yourpetfoodbank, or a double-tap on Instagram @yourpetfoodbank to help spread the word. For those who can, consider making a donation directly through PayPal. Fancy doing a bit of online shopping for a good cause? Check out our Amazon Wishlist here and send some much-needed supplies our way. Every bit helps us continue our mission to keep beloved pets at home where they belong.


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