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How To Choose A New Fur Baby

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a loyal, lovable fur baby. Apart from providing good company, pets improve cardiac health and decrease stress and cholesterol levels. Because of this, pets help their owners manage depression and boost their overall health.

According to a recent survey by Statista, around 65.1 million households in the United States own a dog, and 46.5 million households own a cat. Suppose you want to own intelligent and adorable puppies and cats. In that case, you should know how to choose a fur baby. 

This article will be your guide. So, read on!

Select A Reputable Breeder

Selecting a pet may begin with selecting a breeder. To find breeders, you can ask an experienced owner for referrals or visit the sites of different breeders. Responsible ones often show the pet’s medical history and its parents’. In addition, reputable breeders had already raised several pets of various breeds.

Apart from this, you may also ask the breeder some questions about raising a dog or cat. Most breeders would provide tips and tricks for owning a particular breed. Always consider breed standards and avoid the hyped teacup breeds, especially if the breeder seems inexperienced.

Consider Rescue Pets

Pet adoption is an excellent way of owning a cat or dog. In most cases, you may find these pets in an animal welfare shelter. There are thousands of pets in shelters waiting to be adopted by loving owners. Most have received their vaccinations and are ready for new homes.

If you’re considering adopting pets, think about pet adoption requirements. These vary among states and may require minimal to bulky requisites, including legal age, valid identification, and adoption fee. Many pet shelters also conduct home visits to check the pet’s potential environment and the prospected owner’s financial status and socioemotional disposition.

Think About Your Financial Commitment

Pets have various needs, including food, safe shelter, and doctor visits to live healthily. Because of these, pet owners should have the financial capacity to support fur babies. In other words, they should have a reliable source of income—a salaried job or a business—for this purpose.

That said, people planning to own pets should do their sums first before picking up a fur baby, especially if they already have one. They should also consider the breed and the size of the pet they plan to take home. Other possible things that’d add to the usual expenses are toys, insurance, and unexpected vet bills.

Survey The Pet’s Well-Being

Adopting a pet is a significant responsibility, and it’s important to make sure that you are prepared for the commitment of caring for a pet, including any potential health issues that may arise. 

Checking the fur baby’s physical appearance is another step to consider before raising one. You may look into the pet’s temperament and exercise requirements. Apart from these, you can check the following:

  • Eyes: Check for redness and discharge. Observe whether or not the pet rubs its eyes and if its lashes fall off.
  • Ears: Look for bald spots and unhealthy hair in the flaps. The ears should be free from discharge or foul odor. Observe whether the pet keeps on scratching or not.
  • Head: Typically, the pet has a soft area on top of its head. If this is bigger than usual, health problems associated with open fontanelles or the spaces between bones in the skull may occur.
  • Nose: Pets have the usual colorless discharge on their nostrils. However, the pet should still be able to breathe easily and silently.
  • Coat or skin: Observe the coat and skin. These parts should be free from red patches, hair loss, pus-filled bumps, lesions, and flakes.
  • Body: The body shouldn’t be unusually bloated. A protruded belly may indicate a hernia and similar problems that’d require surgery.
  • Mouth: Consider the teeth alignment and the healthy pink color of the gums.

By checking a pet’s health before adopting them, you can make an informed decision about whether the pet is the right fit for you and your family, and ensure that you are providing a safe and healthy environment for your new furry friend.

Consider Your Lifestyle And Home

Your lifestyle is a massive consideration in owning pets. If you’re working full-time, you should consider pets that won’t require much attention. Thus, you must look for a more mature breed. If you’re opting for a younger pet, you must look for a pet care or walking service that can look after your pet when you’re at work.

In addition, you should also consider your home’s physical aspects. If you plan to own cats, you should have enough accessible outdoor space. You may also think about whether your fixtures and furniture are claw-proof. You may also have pet-friendly areas for playing, sleeping, and washing toys and clothes.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a new fur baby can be an immense challenge. Fortunately, some tips and tricks can help determine which pet suits a person the best. If you’re considering owning a pet, you may go back to this article and think about this write-up’s shared points.


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