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Big Barkday Celebrates the Lives of Rescue Dogs Across the UK

Celebrate The Big Barkday With Us

May 10th marks the 130th day of the year, and this year, it’s also a special day for rescue dogs. We’ve teamed up with Bob Martin to celebrate the Big Barkday, a day to honour the 130,000 dogs rescued every year in the UK, many of whose birthdays are unknown.

The Big Barkday is an opportunity to celebrate the joy and companionship that rescue dogs bring to our lives, while also shining a light on the challenges that many these dogs face. According to the RSPCA, there has been a 25% increase in abandonment incidents this year, with many owners citing the cost of living crisis as a reason for surrendering their pets. Research also suggests that around 130,000 dogs come into UK rehoming charities every year, with many being surrendered due to financial or time constraints.

The inaugural Big Barkday falls on the 130th day of the year and follows on from the 130th anniversary of the Bob Martin brand last year. “We’ve been looking after pet’s health for over 130 years and it’s great to be able to raise awareness of the issues facing many rescue dogs and celebrate their lives with this new initiative.” said Chris Socratous, Senior Brand Manager at Bob Martin. 

Founder of Dog Furiendly, Adele Pember, who has a rescue dog herself from Romania called Minnie with an unknown birthday said, “As the owner of a rescue dog myself, I know how important it is to celebrate our furry friends. Every dog deserves a day to be celebrated, and we’re excited to team up with Bob Martin to make that happen with the Big Barkday celebration on May 10th. We hope this day will raise awareness of the thousands of rescue dogs in need of homes and encourage more people to adopt. Let’s give these dogs the love and attention they deserve!”

Adele with Romanian Rescue Minnie

How Can I Get Involved?

We’ve created a special pawty pack to encourage dog owners to create their own celebration, big or small. The free pawty pack is filled with ideas for decorations, homemade dog treat recipes, and games and activities to celebrate any dog’s birthday.

That’s not all, we’ve also launched a search for the Barkday Boy and Barkday Girl of 2023, to celebrate two rescue dogs who will represent the spirit of the Big Barkday.

Adele Pember adds, “We want to find two very special dogs who embody the love, happiness, and joy that dogs bring to our lives. It’s our way of recognising and celebrating the importance of rescue dogs and their owners, and to encourage more people to consider adopting a rescue dog.”

The winners will receive a special prize and feature in the Big Barkday celebrations. To enter, owners can share their rescue dog’s story via

Chris Socratous, Senior Brand Manager at Bob Martin added, “As a team of pet lovers ourselves, we’re delighted to be involved in this initiative and help establish a special day dedicated to our four-legged rescue friends.”

Join the pawty on May 10th and celebrate the lives of rescue dogs everywhere. Let’s make this a national day of celebration for our canine companions!


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