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Bongo’s Top Three Beaches in South West Wales

Aloha, I’m Bongo a South Walian Cockapoo that lives for the smell of the sea and the feel of the sand between my paws! I live by the currents and plan by the tide, the beach gives me the best funky fur look but my humans don’t always agree. I’ve heard them say I regularly smell like a ‘cockle’. What’s one of them?? They better smell nice!

Anyway, let’s get down to it, luckily the beach is on our doorstep and not only one but lots! The closest to us is Llanelli beach which is a great day out for everyone, we always see lots of other puppers here and the humans say that there is a lovely cafe on the beach front to get a drink or some ice cream! Unfortunately, they don’t do doggie ice cream though.

As a beach bum, I could never choose one favourite so I have decided to share my top three beaches with you and why they are so pawsome.

1.  Three Cliffs Bay

Waw! If you haven’t already been to Three Cliffs Bay, on the South Coast of the Gower Peninsula now is your time to get booking a trip. I’ll even let you stop reading this for the time being but only on the condition that you go book!

Ok, so now that’s all booked and your looking forward to your venture, let me tell you a little more about it. It’s a magnificent part of The Gower Peninsula that provides you with spectacular scenery, great camping spots, a castle steeped with history to visit and you will also come across the Pennard Pill which is a stream that flows into the sea through the middle of the bay, this is the pawfect place to splash around and get muddy!

What I love most about Three Cliffs is that there are no restrictions, they want us to play for 365 days a year! I’ll BARK to that!

2. Pembrey Beach (Cefn Sidan)

Pembrey is on my list of favourite dog friendly places as it is HUMOUNGOUS, it stretches for approximately 8 miles. That is an endless amount of sand to sprint along, catching sticks and feeling free.

However, Pembrey does have restrictions on certain parts of the beach between May to September but like I said it’s so big that you wouldn’t even know about it so as long as you find the correct spot you can still have lots of fun. Not only is there a huge beach but they also have a vast amount of forest to wander around looking for squirrels and chasing birds.

Human said that there is also a charge for parking in Pembrey, so make sure you’re not riding shotgun that day otherwise you might have to pay with your favourite treats.

3. Llanelli Beach

Llanelli Beach, I know I have already mentioned this one but it is definitely in my top three purely because it’s on our doorstep, so there is no excuse for our humans not to take us there. I’m not sure if you knew this but it is also part of the Millennium coastal path, which is a dog friendly cycle path that forms a part of the Celtic trial, it runs from The

Discovery Centre at North Dock all the Way to Pembrey Country Park. It’s a 7 mile stretch of beautiful beaches, great coastal and forest walks but best of all it’s FREE, we don’t even have to trade our Bonio!!

Get your human to look it up on that thing they call ‘Google’ and plan your next adventure in South West Wales!

Thank you for dropping by and learning about my favourite beaches, I hope you have picked up some useful information for the pawrents to use and not only that, I hope that you have learnt that beach days are for all year round maaaan!

I’m going to head back to the beach shack now to get myself a cosmo-paw-litan to kick back and relax as after all that typing my paws are tired.

See you on the sand Dude!

Share your favourite beaches with us below!

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