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Children Invited to ‘Imagine The Future Of Dogs’ In Art Competition

We’ve teamed up with pet healthcare specialists, Bob Martin (who are celebrating their 130 year anniversary), to launch a tail-wagging art competition for children aged 5-16. 

The Bark To The Future art competition launches on Wednesday 5th October and will see youngsters create paintings or drawings themed around the question ‘what dogs will look like in 130 years time?’. 

There are two age group categories: 5-11 years and 12-16 years. The winners in each category will get to see their illustration come to life by being turned into a soft plush toy, and a pet portrait from a professional artist based in the UK. 

The winning artists will also get to see their illustrations on a range of products which will raise funds for Pets As Therapy and the Read2Dogs scheme. The Read2Dogs is used for pupils who find reading difficult or stressful. At present around 6,000 children across the country are benefitting from the Read2Dog scheme each week.

Celebrating 130 Years

The competition coincides with Bob Martin’s 130 year anniversary, celebrating a long-standing passion for helping dog owners to take care of the little things (and we don’t just mean fleas and ticks). Bob Martin have spent 130 years protecting those little moments that make pet owners smile.

“We’re hoping that this competition provides a little bit of fun for kids across the country and is an ideal activity for those rainy days when it’s not as easy to get out and about.” added Chris Socratous, Senior Brand Manager at Bob Martin. “Not only that, but you’ll be helping to raise much-needed funds for a fantastic cause too, whilst setting your child’s imagination free to run wild with possibilities.”

How Dogs Have Changed Over The Last 130 Years?

Dogs have changed considerably over the last 130 years due to human influence and selective breeding (artificial selection). Many breeds look surprisingly different to what they did a century ago, while other breeds such as the Cockapoo are new. 

Selective breeding is when specific and preferred characteristics are chosen by pairing and mating male and female dogs together. Therefore producing off-spring with preferred features. This isn’t always a good thing however.

Over the last 130 years, the muzzles in breeds like Pugs and Boxers have gotten shorter resulting in common respiratory problems, Dachshund’s backs have gotten longer causing back problems and a Basset Hounds now have extra-long ears meaning increased risk of ear infections. 

Dogs may continue to evolve over the next 130 years, and if selective breeding continues, we are likely to see further changes in appearance, size and health.

Bull Terrier (Bull Terrier’s skull and chest have both changed shape, leading to heart conditions and problems with eyes and teeth). 
Basset Hound (Ears are much longer, and body is lower to the ground causing back problems and skin and ear infections)
Pugs (Flatter and more wrinkled faces. Shorter snouts will provide breathing problems and the folds of skin can get infected)

One thing has stayed consistent during the 130 years however, and that’s pesky parasites like fleas, ticks and worms! Bob Martin provides a range of treatment and prevention products for both pets and home, helping pet owners stay flea free, tick free and worry free. 

How Can My Child Enter?

Drawings and paintings for the competition can be submitted here:

We’re encouraging children to let their imagination run wild. What will dogs look like in 130 years? Maybe they rule their own planet? Or perhaps they walk like us on two legs?”

“Dogs provide us all with so much unconditional love and friendship, so no matter how different they look in 130 years time – they’ll always be ‘man’s best friend’”

Adele Pember – Founder of Dog Furiendly


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