Exploring Loch Trool and the Galloway Forest Park

First glimpses of Loch Trool

Loch Trool really is something special; if you are visiting South West Scotland try and add this to your list! There are lots of of different trails that you can follow around the Glen Trool; these vary between easy, moderate and strenuous.

Hogy and I took to the yellow route (moderate difficulty) to work our way from the main Glen Trool car park to the start of the Loch Trool loop itself; the path is well marked and easy to follow but we would recommend a good pair of walking boots! This trail in itself has the most spectacular views across the Galloway Forest Park and across to where Loch Trool sits in the valley below.

Along this trial is also a bridge crossing where views of Spout Head Waterfall and just amazing and a perfect photograph spot for those avid photographers and instragrammers!

Loch Trool circular loop…

We joined this trail halfway around the yellow route in Caldons car park, now the Loch Trool circular loop is signposted with green waymarkers and again is easy to follow with a well-trodden and gravel based path, it is however marked as a strenuous difficulty trail due to uneven and sometimes steep sections to walk.

With that in mind, I would definitely recommend a good pair of walking boots and a backpack with everything you might need. Remember it is Scotland so prepare for rain or shine at the flick of a switch! I packed food, plenty of water for myself and Hogy, first aid kit, midge-repellent, coats for us both, a map, a whistle and of course, treats for Hogy! It might seem like a lot to carry, but I would always rather have everything that I could need, plus it all fits comfortably inside my standard sized backpack.

Always check what the weather is planning to do and if it is looking like the weather is going to be particularly bad, I would recommend going a different day as it won’t be pleasant to walk in but the views will be spoilt with cloud cover and it is a long walk back if your waterproofs fail you.

What I feel is important to add here is that there is Caldons car park that gets you to the start of the green trail, so you don’t have to do the yellow trail if you don’t feel up to both!

This trail is so beautiful, it takes you through untouched native oak woodlands, past trickling streams (in Scotland these are called ‘Burns’) and around Loch Trools itself. Photographs don’t do this place justice!

Hogy had to take a dip!

Not only does Loch Trool provide a wonderful countryside walk through the Galloway Forest Park but views over a historic battle scene! During the Wars of Scottish Independence, over 700 years ago, a battle between Scottish and English warriors was fought on the Steps of Trool. Bruce’s Stone stands looking over the loch and commemorates Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland and the 1307 Battle of Trool. Following this vicious battle, the Scots were victorious and proceeded to also win victory at the 1314 Battle of Bannockburn securing Scotland’s independence.

Heading back to Glen Trool car park…

Glen Trool car park is a pay and display car park costing £3.00 for a whole day with options for one hour or three hour stays.

There is a visitor centre, toilets and mountain biking trails that are part of the 7stanes mountain biking centres with trails for cyclists of all abilities.


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