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Our Guide To Secure Dog Walking Fields

We all love walking the dog, whether that’s a big old hike, or little local adventure. Whatever the adventure, it may not always be possible to let your dog off the lead. Some dogs can be nervous, reactive or just hard to recall. Secure dog fields allow your pooch to have a little more freedom within an enclosed area.

Our Explorers Peaches, Huxley and Coco love to frolic freely in secure dog walking fields. So we’ve asked them to share a mini guide on what to look out for when booking one.

Hello, we are Peaches, Huxley and Coco Pop 3 little Pomeranians. We have been using secure dog walking fields for over a year and we love them…… and so does our Mummy!

What is a secure dog walking field?

These are private fields that have been fully fenced which you can rent out to walk your dogs. The fencing should be meshed to be a secure field.

Why use a secure dog walking field? 

These fields are great for any dog but especially if you have a puppy, reactive dog, nervous dog or you want to do some training with no distractions.  

The fields give your fur friends a safe space to run and play and gives you piece of mind knowing they are safe to run free.  Once you have booked the field you will be the only walkers in the field. We have used the fields to introduce friends puppies in a safe and secure environment.

Coco Pop practicing agility on her first visit to a secure field.

Each field has different features some include tunnels, agility equipment, ponds and tree areas.

What is included and how much does it cost? 

Parking: Some fields are drive in and release while others have parking just outside the fence.

Water: All of the secure dog walking fields we visit provide a water station, some have a hose and even a pool to jump on!

Poop Bins: With the sole purpose of dog walking Poop bins are provided and some provide the bags too.

Equipment: Any equipment or seating in the field will be included in the price of your visit.

Coco Pop and Peaches waiting for treats after some great recall…… notice the absence of Huxley!

Cost: This varies from field to field from £5 for 30mins to £15 for an hour. On average we pay £8 per hour.

Times: Some fields open from 6am-8pm even in the winter. Bookings usually allow a 15 gap so there is no overlap in timings.

We use these fields as part of our weekly walking routine, we visit 5 different fields to vary the experience and practice our recall in different locations.  The is fantastic as Huxley has selective recall hearing and CocoPop will go home with any stranger that shows her attention!

Who are Secure Fields Great For?

  • Timid/nervous dogs
  • Training
  • Reactive Dogs
  • Puppies
  • Safe Socialisation
  • Dogs recovering from injuries
  • Multi Dog Households

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to secure dog walking fields, we found all of ours online. When booking check the t’s & c’s. If you have 5 or more dogs some fields like pre notification.

Share Your Adventures

We have plenty of secure dog fields to sniff out via our website. Click here to start your search.

Do you have a favourite secure dog field? Let us know in the comments below.


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