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BrewDog Hotel Columbus – The Ultimate Dog Friendly Getaway

Hey there! It’s Moriah here, along with my furry sidekicks, Luna and Kreacher. We’ve just returned from an absolute blast of a weekend at the first-ever dog friendly BrewDog Hotel in Columbus, USA. If you know anything about BrewDog bars around the globe, you’ll get why we were buzzing with excitement to check out their hotel. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

What’s Brewing in Columbus

Picture this: Columbus, Ohio, home to a groundbreaking concept that’s all about beer, food, and dogs. Yes, dogs! When I stumbled upon BrewDog’s announcement on Facebook about opening a dog friendly brewery/hotel combo in Columbus, I was all in. Booked it on the spot for my hubby’s 30th—surprise!

Nestled just outside Columbus, the BrewDog DogHouse offers the best of both worlds: peace and quiet, yet a stone’s throw from any amenity you might fancy. But honestly, with a hotel, restaurant, and brewery all rolled into one dog friendly package, why would you even think of leaving?

First Impressions and Dog Friendly Vibes

Walking in, the place is this cool blend of industrial chic with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Checking in at a bar (yes, a bar!) and getting handed a beer was the first hint we were in for a treat. Our room? Designed with doggies in mind—easy-to-clean floors, a spacious patio, and a king-size bed for sprawling out.

But here’s where it gets real. This place isn’t just dog friendly; it’s dog heaven. Our own patio door meant quick outdoor access for Kreacher’s potty breaks—no elevators, no fuss. And the outdoor space wasn’t just a token patch of grass; we’re talking fields for days and a top-notch dog park.

A Culinary and Brewing Experience

The on-site restaurant nailed it with an amazing variety of eats (vegan options too!). And getting to enjoy it with your dog by your side? Priceless. Plus, with brewery tours, a beer museum, and activities like beer and cheese tastings, you’re in for a treat. Our room even had a tap with the beer of our choice—hello, room service!

Questions About BrewDog

Can Dogs Stay at BrewDog Hotel?

Yes! The BrewDog Doghouse doesn’t just accept dogs; it celebrates them. Features like direct patio access and expansive outdoor areas, including its own dog park, emphasise this ethos. It’s a realm where dogs aren’t just allowed but encouraged to explore, play, and even dine alongside their humans.

Who Owns BrewDog Pubs?

BrewDog is the brainchild of James Watt and Martin Dickie, who founded the company in 2007 in Scotland. Their mission was to shake up the beer scene and introduce craft beer to a broader audience.

Are There Any BrewDog Hotels In The UK?

BrewDog has an impressive global network of over 100 bars worldwide. They also have three BrewDog hotels in the UK including Manchester, Edinburgh & Aberdeen. Their rapid expansion reflects their growing popularity and commitment to spreading the craft beer culture.

Why Is It Called BrewDog?

The name “BrewDog” captures the founders’ passion for brewing and their love for dogs, symbolising their rebellious spirit and commitment to quality, community, and canine friends. Yes all their bars are dog friendly!

Final Thoughts

This weekend at the BrewDog Doghouse was everything we could’ve hoped for and more. Here’s to hoping BrewDog brings this genius concept everywhere. Can you imagine?

Don’t miss out on the trio’s explorations. Follow them on Instagram @hard.corg for more inspiring journeys and dog friendly discoveries.

We loved this weekend get away and would 100% go again! Hopefully the Columbus location experiences success and these start popping up around the US!

Follow Moriah, Luna and Kreacher’s adventures via Instagram @hard.corg


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