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Sea Views at Sea Acres

This week, our Explorers Tamla and Brock have been busy reminiscing on their very first holiday together Sea Acres Holiday Park. Here’s their review of this tail-wagging place.

It’s no secret that the lockdown has had us all dreaming of lockdown holidays once more. With the new roadmap now giving us a chance to book holidays again, I’ve been looking back at my holiday in Cornwall. Today I’m sharing with you my experience and why I am dying to go back again with my partner and pooch Brock!

Our Arrival!

It was wet and windy as we arrived, but we were so excited. We were given a map of the caravan park, told our keys are already in the caravan and to head on down.

We were given the caravan was the poltessco with a sea view. The view was incredible but our soggy British weather meant we were dying to get inside, out of the rain and relax for the evening.

Our caravan was cosy, with purple and burgundy designs inside and the usual caravan holiday feel. It was so nice to be away after the first initial lockdown and we were intent on enjoying every second of it, even despite the bad weather of the first day.

Brock made himself right at home the second we had arrived and nobody could blame him. The sofa was so comfy and we ended up cuddling and falling asleep together, especially with the fire and lighting ambience.

We stayed in for the first night, all three of us cuddled on the sofa and then we went to bed, setting our alarms early to get up and go exploring.

Exploring the coastal Path

We were up early that second day, eager to get to exploring. But the view from the caravan was more amazing than the day before, now that the wind and rain had calmed down. The morning view was really just a delight to wake up to as even though so live on a coast, it just wasn’t the same as this.

Because we were on a corner too, we only had 3 caravans close to us and one of them was empty. We picked this park for some peace and quiet – and it wasn’t too big either. In fact, it’s possible to walk around the entire park in about 10 minutes.

Brock was already raring to go and wagging his tail, waiting for us to get his harness. He was so excited that morning, despite being a little pig and loving his food, he didn’t eat a thing. The second we mentioned the magic word “walkies” he leapt up.

We were up and out before nine-ish. We’d been told the area had loads of different walks to go on and as we are right by the sea, there wasn’t exactly a lack of view either. We headed to the top one first, just past the golf range.

This was the first bit of quality time that my partner and Brock spent together, and they were eager to take on everything. We spent half the day walking along the coastal path, which I believe extended for miles.

Brock was absolutely shattered in the evening…I don’t think he ever walked so far in his life to be honest.

We spent that evening eating lots of food and chilling out. The weather had come in bad again and it was actually quite nice to listen to the rain loud against the roof whilst we were any inside. I will say this caravan heated up so quickly and it was always toasty warm, even in the cold mornings.

Relaxing Day On-Site

The next morning the weather had gone back to nice and we were eager again to explore, but we were tired. We had stayed up stupidly late then woken early so neither of us was keen to explore too far.

We took photos whilst the weather was holding off because why not. My pupper is like my baby, so of course I wanted to! My partner Ben loved Brock so was eager to get a photo too. (Even if he did take a silly photo).

We took Brock on a walk around the campsite and part the way on the coastal walk then decided to go to visit the complex. We spent an enjoyable afternoon in the bar playing rounds of pool, in which I spectacularly lost almost every game bar one fluke where Ben wasn’t paying attention and potted the black.

Then we ordered pizza from the little takeaway shack just round the back of the main entertainment complex. I can hands down say the pizza was amazing and for once (Unlike some other parks) it wasn’t too badly prized. (A lot cheaper than a Domino’s, that’s for sure!)

We went to bed feeling stuffed and content and were keen to make the most of our last day in the morning.

Birthday Boy… Well, Not Quite

It was my partner Ben’s birthday! Well, not quite. We celebrated early as we were checking out at 10am on the day of his birthday.

I got him a huge chocolate and walnut cake and spoilt him with his entire favourite book series and then we went on our final walk.

We went down the hill at the entrance of the park. It leads down to a beach with a little food hut and even though the weather wasn’t the best, I can imagine in the summer it is such a tranquil and amazing place to be.

It was stunning! Even in overcast weather. And we genuinely didn’t want to leave at this point. I mean, these photos just gave me the chills when I took them. It really just was the most amazing view I had ever seen.

We were so grateful to have been able to go on this holiday and spent some much-valued time together.

And then it was time to leave…

And then as quick as it had come around, it was time to leave.

Neither of us wanted to go back to civilization and we wish we could have extended our stay but I was due to start a new job just two days later so we couldn’t have extended either way.

We certainly booked again though, this time for the Rosenithon caravan, a slightly more expensive yet stunning caravan on the park for March 2021. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions, price hikes and working patterns means we’re unlikely to go this year, but we intend to book again in the future.

The park was truly brilliant and quiet for us and the staff were friendly and top-notch. We would recommend anyone to stay at this park for s quiet, relaxing holiday right by the beach with some amazing sea views.

Poltessco Caravan Review:

  • Price – Fair for Monday-Friday
  • Cleanliness – We had some issues but they were rectified immediately and we were even given vouchers as an apology for the issue
  • Friendliness – The staff all around the complex were amazingly friendly and helpful, especially the takeaway shack staff and the lady who had served us all afternoon when we were playing pool in the bar. The new owner of the park as well even spoke to us after a cleanliness issue and was superb and if the owner reads this, you sir are doing a splendid job.
  • Facilities – We didn’t use some of the facilities, but the ones we did were of a high standard and well kept.
  • To do – The only downside some people may face is the lack of “to do” things in the area. There is flambards nearby but we did not go and there are little bits here and there but some were closed due to restrictions. We preferred it though as we both enjoy quiet holidays


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