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The NEW Dog Camera Tracking Your Pooch 360° While Your Out

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When the original Furbo Dog Camera was released – we were in awe. Not only could you check in on your dog while out and about, but you could also toss them a treat and say all that cute doggy talk on the microphone. It was one of the best pet cameras and we absolutely loved it.

So you can imagine how fast our tails were wagging, when we heard Furbo were releasing a brand new camera, Furbo 360°.

What’s New With Furbo?

The new Furbo can track your dog in full 360° view. Great news if you love watching your dog have the the zoomies, as you’ll be able to catch the whole show.

The camera also has improved colour night-vision, which is perfect for tracking your dog in those early Winter nights. It enables colour vision even in low lighting environments, and it’s coupled with 1080p full HD. So the Furbo 360° gives beautifully crisp views, day or night. 

With two dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, we always feel assured when checking in on the Furbo camera. We can stay connected to our furry loved ones from afar no matter where we are. Using the paired app, we can toss them treats, and talk to them throughout the day. Especially good when you need to listen out for excessive barking or howling (a common symptom of separation anxiety).

However, the new Furbo 360 has an updated AI dog detection subscription service called Dog Nanny, so now the sound-activated Barking Alerts can detect between a variety of dog barks, crying, or more severely dog howling. They can even pick up zoomies around the house, chewing, and even the accidental potty. 

Since its launch, Furbo has saved thousands of dogs’ lives through continuous innovation and features specifically designed to keep dogs safe and happy.

Victor Chang, CEO of Furbo says: “Furbo’s dog detection AI technology is always getting smarter at looking after our dogs at home alone. Furbo is designed by pet parents for pet parents, and we’re very excited that the new Furbo can give them extra peace of mind.”

How To Get Your Furbo 360?

You can pick up your Furbo 360 here. Get £5 off using the code: EXTRAFURBO5


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