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Why We Love Our New Dog Camera Furbo

You’re at work, missing your pooch terrible, wondering what they’re up to or what they’re chewing today. We know that feeling all too well, so when Furbo invited us to review their dog cam our tails were wagging.

We know how important this technology is to those of you working full-time and to those who has a dog with separation anxiety.

This blog post is gifted by Furbo (sponsored) and contains affiliate links, but it contains our own honest and independent review of the product.

What is Furbo?

Now a lot of you might still be trying to get your head over the word Furbo, so it would be silly for us to dive into our review before we’ve told you exactly what the product is!

Furbo is a live streaming camera designed for you to see, talk and give treats to your dog from your smartphone or tablet. It’s one of the only cameras out there tailored for our dogs and includes a real-time barking alert that sends a notification to your phone while you’re out and about or at work.

It also has adhesive feet to prevent it from falling over, so if you place it at dog’s height and your pooch gets a bit over-excited about it, it’s steady.

Above all this, the Furbo was created to help dog owners away from their fur babies for periods of time, so that they can “always be together”.

Opening Furbo

After two missed parcel cards, and plenty of barking to the postman, our Furbo finally arrived! Charlie could sense my excitement, wagging his tail and having a cheeky sniff. As I unpacked the box, we found a little bag of treats which of course Charlie was already sitting pretty for.

With a background in graphic design, naturally, the first thing that caught our eye was the design. The box was fresh, modern, and minimal. The Furbo itself was slightly bigger than we thought it was going to be, which for us made it feel even more impressive. With a smooth white finish and bamboo top, it fit right in next to our white IKEA furniture and plant. So, after a mini photoshoot with Charlie, we wasted no time and began to set it all up.

Setting up Furbo

We popped the plug in and coloured indicators started illuminating underneath. These are used throughout the set up to show you the status of your connection. Our minds were blown away to find out that they have tailored the coloured indicators using the colours that dogs can see – yellow and blue. So when you open the app, the Furbo’s light changes from yellow to blue to attract your dog’s attention.

Slightly confused that I couldn’t see any buttons on the Furbo itself, I headed straight for the very simplistic user-guide that accompanied it. It’s as easy as plugging it in, downloading the app, connecting to it via your home wi-fi network and you’re away!

Furbo Review - Why We Love Our New Dog Camera - Dog Furiendly

Now, we’re usually a tech-savvy bunch, but typical for us we had a couple of hiccups in the setup. It kept telling us that our Furbo belonged to someone else, we knew this wasn’t the case, as it was new. So after doing all the troubleshooting options in the guide which were easy to follow, we headed straight over to the customer service online chat. They were super helpful and got us all up and running within minutes.

Both James and I were all set up and already throwing treats to Charlie, yes that’s right you can even have two people using the account at the same time.

Two Weeks Using Furbo

So we gave Furbo a full, two-week trial, testing every element of the product so we can share with you. Our verdict? Five paws all round!

Here’s our full Furbo review to tell you why we scored five big paws:


The video quality was really good, and you can adjust this depending on your internet connection. You can have it SD or HD. Of course, we wanted to see every bit of cuteness from Charlie, so used HD for the majority of the time.

The camera has a really wide lens, so you can see a whole lot more of the room your pooch is chilling in.

We also loved was the night vision feature. If you needed to check on your pooch while you’re out during the evenings, you can still see every bit of the room and your pooch!

Furbo Review - Why We Love Our New Dog Camera - Dog Furiendly


We love that you can talk to your pooch from anywhere. One particular moment that really stood out for us was when we were out shopping for supplies for our next Dog Furiendly event. We had been out for a few hours, so I checked in to take a look at how he was getting on.

When I opened the app he was looking quite nervous, so I reassured him on the microphone that we won’t be long. His head tilted and his tail wagged like crazy. He hopped straight over to the Furbo awaiting a treat. He went from looking nervous to happy in a matter of seconds.

You can also change the noise it makes when dispensing treats. So usually it will make a little bark noise, I changed it to a sentence he already knew well,  “Charlie want a treat”.

Treat Dispenser

The treats it came with certainly got Charlie’s tail-wagging, however, we tested it to see if other treats could be used. We found cheesy bites and chocolate drops work well. Dried dog food pieces can also work if it’s small enough.

We loved being able to feed Charlie treats while we were away, and also liked that it shows you how many you’ve fed so you don’t go overboard.

Furbo Review - Why We Love Our New Dog Camera - Dog Furiendly

Barking sensor

We caught Charlie barking at the postman plenty of times, and love when the notification pops up for you to check it out. One of the things it doesn’t really pick up on is howling. When Charlie’s feeling really blue with his separation anxiety, he howls at the moon… well the light. We caught this only by checking in and found it didn’t pick up is soft little howl.

We love the Furbo

It’s the pawfect piece of technology for dogs and humans. Having tried other cameras before, this one puts the dog at the heart of all the specifications, from the barking sensor and treat dispenser right through to the Furbo indicator colours it uses. We love being able to see Charlie while we’re busy visiting non-Dog Furiendly shops.

How to get your Furbo

You can pick up your Furbo here. They offer 30-day money-back guarantee, along with a 2 years warranty.

You can also follow them @furbodogcamera

Have you used a Furbo? Share your Furbo Review below!


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