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What Does Your Dog’s Sleep Positions Reveal About Them?

Which is your dog’s favourite? 😴

Who needs words when you have ears, tails, and, of course, sleepy positions? Our four-legged friends have mastered the art of communicating without saying a word. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the leading dog bed specialists at Ralph & Co to help you decode those cryptic canine sleep positions. From cute curl-ups to sprawling belly flops, here are some of the most popular doggy sleep positions and the secret messages they might be sending you. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of your furry friend’s slumber!

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Upside-down Dreamer

Does your dog sleep with their belly in the air, legs splayed out, and a carefree expression on their face? If so, your furry friend is an Upside-Down Dreamer!

Meaning: This adorable sleeping position is a clear indication of pure bliss and trust. Dogs who sleep in this position feel safe, comfortable, and at ease in their surroundings. The exposed belly is a vulnerable area, so when they choose to sleep like this, it’s a sign that they fully trust their environment and feel secure.

Upside-Down Dreamers often adopt this position to cool off. Exposing their belly helps regulate their body temperature by dissipating heat more efficiently. It’s particularly beneficial for breeds prone to overheating, such as Bulldogs and Pugs. However, as dogs age, they may sleep in this position less frequently due to arthritis or discomfort. So, if your senior dog still enjoys the Upside-Down Dreamer position, it’s a heartwarming testament to their enduring trust and contentment.

Recommend: To enhance the comfort of your Upside-Down Dreamer, we recommend the Ralph & Co Dalton Pillow Bed. Its mattress design allows for excellent airflow, keeping your dog cool and cosy during their snooze sessions. Plus, the fully removable cover made of top-grade upholstery fabric makes cleaning a breeze.

Superman Snoozer

Is your dog a superhero sleeper? They lay flat on their tummy, with their legs stretched out in all directions, just like Superman flying through the sky!

Meaning: The Superman Snoozer sleep position is commonly seen among puppies and energetic dogs who are tired but always ready for playful adventures. It’s their way of taking a quick rest while remaining alert for exciting moments that might arise.

When your dog assumes the Superman Snoozer position on a cold surface, they are likely trying to cool down. Dogs don’t sweat as humans do, so lying on a cool surface helps them regulate their body temperature. It’s a strategic move to escape the heat and find comfort.

Recommend: For your Superman Snoozer, again we recommend the Dalton Pillow Bed. Its spacious design accommodates their super-snoozing style, providing plenty of room to stretch out. The mattress design allows for optimal airflow, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep experience. With a fully removable cover made of top-grade upholstery fabric, keeping their bed fresh and clean is a breeze.

The Donut

Protecting themselves by hiding vital organs while sleeping. It can indicate a sense of security or adjusting to the environment. It’s also a favourite for keeping warm as they curl up to preserve body heat.

Meaning: Dogs who sleep in the Donut Dreamer position are instinctively protecting themselves by curling up tightly, hiding their vital organs while they sleep. It’s a natural way for them to feel safe and secure, whether they’re adjusting to their environment or seeking a cosy retreat.

They may just find this comfortable, or if your dog is elderly or underweight, they may be having trouble keeping warm. This position is a favourite for keeping warm as dogs curl up to preserve their body heat.

Recommend: If this is your dog, make sure to get a good quality bed with walls to make sure they feel snug while they sleep. The Ralph & Co Lincoln Nest Bed has extra padding and an inner cushion packed with recycled fibre to guarantee a comfortable, warm and healthy spot for your dog to rest.

Recently featured in the Mirror, the bestselling Lincoln nest bed features super soft faux fur cushioning and the finest Herringbone fabric, making it a warm and stylish place for your dog to relax

Dreamy Digger

Does your dog dig their bed for extended periods of time before finally settling down? Do they circle and reposition themselves frequently in order to find a comfortable spot?

Meaning: The Dreamy Digger sleep position is a natural behaviour rooted in your dog’s ancestral instincts. They are trying to create the perfect cozy spot and make their bed just right. It’s their way of finding the ideal level of comfort for a restful sleep.

If your dog engages in excessive digging or repositioning, it could indicate that their current bed may not be providing the desired level of comfort. Just like us, dogs need a well-padded and supportive bed to help them get a good night’s sleep. If they frequently wake up to readjust themselves, it may be a sign of pain or discomfort, and a visit to the vet might be necessary to rule out any underlying health issues. However if there are no other symptoms that cause concern, it might just be time to get them a new bed with extra padding to facilitate a deeper night’s sleep.

Recommend: Trying to get and stay comfortable shouldn’t be difficult for your dog. Don’t skimp on the quality of your dog’s bed, just like us they need a well padded supportive bed like the Sherbourne Nest to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Elephant In The Living Room

Larger breeds are known for having some unique sleeping positions. No matter how uncomfortable they might look, they can snore away happily for hours. 

Meaning: Despite their seemingly awkward sleeping positions, these big dogs find immense comfort in their slumber. Their ability to relax and doze off with ease showcases their trust in their surroundings and their knack for finding cosy spots that suit their individual needs. These positions also allow them to stretch and relieve tension, promoting overall relaxation and well-being.

Recommend: The bigger the dog, the heavier they tend to be, making it even more important to invest in a good quality dog bed to protect their body and joints. Sleeping uncomfortably could leave them feeling sore or even lead to injury, so don’t compromise on padding and quality when it comes to your dog’s bed.

The Ralph & Co dog beds were voted the best dog bed for big breeds by the Independent, as they are perfect for dogs who like to stretch out or have difficulty climbing into bed. The Rayleigh Pillow Bed is a popular choice for dogs as they age, or if they are recovering from an injury.

Burrow Bear

Does your furry friend squeeze into tiny spaces to sleep as close to you as possible? Are they known for burrowing deep under blankets to get cosy.

Meaning: Burrow Bear dogs have a natural instinct for burrowing and seeking cosy spaces. This behaviour is often seen in breeds like Dachshunds or other similar breeds, originally bred to flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals.

When your Burrow Bear pup skilfully navigates their way under blankets, cushions, or even clothes, they are creating a snug and secure den. It’s their way of finding comfort, warmth, and creating a sense of safety in their sleep. Just like a stealthy ninja, they create their own little sanctuary to relax and recharge.

Recommend: If your dog spends more time burrowing than actually sleeping, it may be a sign that their current bed is not providing the comfort they need. They might benefit from a different style of dog bed that caters to their burrowing instincts. It may be as simple as throwing a cosy blanket over their existing dog bed, or perhaps they need a bed with taller sides and more support.

To cater to your Burrow Bear’s needs, we recommend considering a dog bed like the Richmond Nest Bed with matching Richmond Blanket, which offers a cosy and supportive sleeping surface. Its spacious design provides ample room for burrowing while ensuring your dog feels secure and comfortable.

Side Sleeper

Is your dog a serene side sleeper? Do they curl up on their side, legs extended, enjoying a peaceful slumber? If so, your furry friend is in slumber heaven.

Meaning: When dogs sleep on their side, legs extended, it’s a clear indication of total relaxation. This sleeping position reflects their feelings of safety, security, and complete ease in their surroundings. They are completely comfortable and at peace.

Just like a serene symphony, the Side Sleeper’s slumber is a harmonious melody of tranquility. It’s a blissful state where your dog can fully unwind and recharge. This sleeping position also suggests that your dog feels comfortable with the surrounding temperature, as they are not trying to regulate their body heat.

Recommend: Consider your dog’s individual preferences and needs. Some side sleepers may prefer a pillow bed like the Dalton Pillow Bed, offering them a soft and cushioned surface to rest their side comfortably. Others, particularly anxious dogs, may benefit from a nest bed, like the Sherbourne Nest providing extra security and support with raised edges to lean against.

Little Lion

Does your dog rest with their head on top of their paws, resembling a majestic sphinx? Do they appear to be in a state of calmness but not in deep sleep? If so, your furry friend embodies the spirit of the Little Lion!

Meaning: The Little Lion sleeping position reflects a state of relaxation with a touch of readiness. With their head resting on top of their paws, they exhibit a poised and alert demeanour, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, just like a playful lion in the wild. While they may be catching some Z’s, they remain attentive and primed for any exciting moments that may arise.

The Little Lion’s sleep is a delicate balance between rest and readiness. It’s as if they are in a light slumber, maintaining an awareness of their surroundings. This position signifies their confidence and natural instincts to stay vigilant even while at rest.

Recommend: To cater to the needs of your Little Lion, it is important to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping space. Consider a bed that offers a balance of softness and support, allowing them to relax while remaining alert, like the Richmond Pillow Bed.

Give your Little Lion the perfect resting place that aligns with their regal nature, allowing them to recharge while still maintaining their keen senses.

Share Your Dog’s Sleep Style! We’d Love to Hear

We’ve explored the fascinating world of doggy sleep styles, from the playful Upside-Down Dreamer to the cosy Burrow Bear, and the serene Side Sleeper to the poised Little Lion. Dogs have a remarkable ability to communicate their comfort, trust, and instincts through their sleeping positions.

Now, we want to hear from you! Which sleep style does your beloved canine companion embrace? Do they have a unique sleeping position that brings a smile to your face? We invite you to share your dog’s sleep style in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the wonderful diversity of sleeping habits in our furry friends!

Remember, providing a comfortable and supportive bed is essential to ensure your dog gets the rest they deserve. Whether it’s a pillow bed, a nest bed, or any other design that suits their preferences, consider the options offered by our partner’s Ralph & Co to give your furry friend the ultimate sleep sanctuary. And don’t forget, you can enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on Ralph & Co beds by using the code “WELCOME20“* Happy snoozing!

*Code cannot be applied to Summer Sale items


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