Why Do Dogs Like Balls?

Are you a dog lover? Well then you’ve probably noticed many dogs have an inexplicable fascination with balls. No matter if it’s a tennis ball, football, or a bouncy rubber ball, the moment a doggo spots one, their tails begin to wag, and their eyes light up with excitement.

We’ve all seen it, but the question is why do our furry companions have this seemingly unbreakable bond with balls? To shed some light on this delightful canine behaviour, we are excited to present this guest blog written by Dog À La Mode, an exciting modern dog lifestyle brand with the aim of providing some trendy and stylish dog clothing and accessories.

Below are the main factors that unravel the hidden mystery behind why dogs adore balls so much!

The Exercise and Energy Release

We all know that our furry pals have boundless energy. Whether they are a small Bichon Frisé or a large Saint Bernard, all dogs require regular physical activity to stay happy and healthy. Balls provide an excellent and exciting outlet for their energy, as well as being such a fun way to exercise.

As soon as you throw a ball, your dogs will suddenly run after it in a flash, engaging their muscles and getting their heart rate up. This playtime not only helps maintain their physical well-being, but it also creates a stronger bond between you and your dog.

 The Mental Stimulation

Believe it or not, just like us humans, dogs can also experience boredom. Without regular mental stimulation, dogs are likely to become restless or engage in undesirable behaviours, such as digging your beautiful garden or excessively chewing your furniture.

Balls play an important role in keeping your dogs’ mind engaged. Figuring out how to catch a moving ball or navigating its sometimes erratic bounces can be an exciting challenge for all dogs, giving them plenty of mental stimulation to keep their mind sharp.

The Social Aspect

We all know dogs are pack animals; they thrive on social interactions. Playing with a ball involves you, the owner, which is precisely what they love the most – fun quality time with their human! Fetching a ball and bringing it back to you strengthens their bond with you. The praise they receive reinforces good positive behaviour.

A game of fetch with fellow dog friends can also be an amazing way for your furry friends to socialise. It not only fosters friendships, but also helps them learn vital social cues from other dogs.

The Instinctual Connection

Dogs’ evolutionary roots greatly helps us to understand why dogs are so enamoured with balls. Canines are descendants of wild wolves, who relied on hunting and tracking skills for survival. The circular shape of balls seems to trigger a natural instinct in dogs, similar to their ancestors’  prey such as rabbits, squirrels and other small creatures.

Imagine a dog’s delight when they see a bright tennis ball being thrown, rolling and bouncing. It activates their primal instincts to run, chase and capture their ‘prey.’ This explains why your dog will love repeatedly fetching the ball; they are simply indulging their natural hunting instincts.

The Soothing Of The Teething Process

Remember when your puppy was teething? Anything that could be chewed would be chewed. Well during this phase, balls come to the rescue. 

The rubbery texture of many balls can provide relief to the dogs’ sore gums. To help your furry ones, please try to purchase durable, non-toxic balls specially designed for dogs.

The Sensory Appeal

The taste, smell and texture of balls can be highly appealing to dogs. Squeaky balls can please their need for auditory stimulation, while balls with various different textures satisfy a different sensory experience. 

Ever notice your dog wanting to hold the ball in their mouth and refusing to give it back to you? Well that’s because even just carrying a ball around gives the furry loved ones a sense of comfort and security.

Does Your Dog Love Balls?

So, there you have it! The main reasons behind your dog’s love affair with balls are deeply ingrained in their nature as social and playful animals with deep ancestral hunting instincts.

Not only does playing with balls give them the opportunity to exercise, but it also enriches their minds and strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion.

So next time you see your doggos eagerly waiting for you to throw that ball, remember it’s not just a game; it’s a way for them to bond with you, connect with their primal instincts, and remain healthy and happy.

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