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15 Super Schnauzer Gifts For Schnauzer Dog Lovers

15 Super Schnauzer Gifts For Schnauzer Dog Lovers

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It’s the breed that captured Lady’s heart with perhaps the most famous strand of spaghetti ever. The Schnauzer. It’s no surprise that these fearless, playful pups continued to capture the hearts of people across the world, including celebrity owners such as Doris Day, Ronnie Corbett and 50 Cent.

Whether you’re searching for Schnauzer gifts for a Schnauzer lover or for yourself (slowly raises hand). We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Schnauzer gifts that will make your heart squeal from small businesses and crafters on Etsy.

It’s not only Schnauzers we’re barking about. We have a whole host of breed-specific gift guides available on Etsy. Click here to sniff out more tail-wagging goodies.

Schnauzer Ring

Shop: WearFelicityCo –

One of our favourite Schnauzer gifts! These rings will certainly make you smile, wherever you go.

These handcrafted wrap rings will make a great addition to their Schnauzer addiction. They have been carefully designed by jewellery artists to ensure they’re stylish, durable, and look great without fading or causing stained skin. One in each colour, please!

Schnauzer Acrylic Brooch

Shop: LauraDanby –

Pin it on your bag, on your denim jacket or even on your t-shirt. This adorable enamel pin badge is the perfect Schnauzer gift to show your love loud and proud. It comes complete with a gift box too which is a little bonus!

If you want more thoughtful and unique pins, customisation is the way to go! Draw a design for your Schnauzer and create custom pin badges with their photo, paw or name as the design. Whether it’s soft enamel, hard enamel or acrylic, any colour and pattern is free to choose, making it even more memorable and collectible!

Custom Schnauzer Print

Shop: awesomemugsandmore –

We are in love with these quirky, customisable prints. We all know a house isn’t a home without four-legs and a waggy tail.

This print makes a great Schnauzer dog gift. You can choose grey, black or chocolate colours. Have two dogs? Double the trouble, twice the fun, check out this alternative print.

Schnauzer Fabric Memo Board

Shop: HomeAndHoundLondon –

We adore this Schnauzer memo board. It’s a great way to organise invitations to all your Schnauzer meet-ups, favourite dog recipes, shopping lists or precious puppy photos, simply tuck behind the ribbon. This Schnauzer dog gift is sure to have your recipient (or your) tail wagging.

Find on Etsy

Bronze Schnauzer Plant Pot Feet

Shop: Jardinopia –

Is the Schnauzer lover in your life a bit of a green thumb? These Bronze Schnauzer plant pot feet make a great addition to any garden pot or indoor plant. , lovingly created using water-colours. They come in a set of 3 so that your plant pot can stand evenly balanced. Each set comes beautifully packaged with a gift box.

Dog Monitoring Camera

Every pet parent misses his friend when not staying at home. Dogs feel the same. But there is a decision – a dog camera, which helps you to stay connected to your furry friend wherever you’re and not miss any precious moments because of work or other activities. Monitor your Schnauzer during the day and night and get memories for your family.

Schnauzer Sterling Silver Necklace

Slightly more expensive than some of the other gifts in the guide – but it truly is a treat. This beautiful necklace will complement and complete any outfit.

The attention to detail in the Schnauzers face is delightful. The Schnauzer is available on different length chains or just as a charm.

Personalised Schnauzer Plush

Shop: EnglishHound –

How adorable is this little plushy? This sweet Schnauzer dog gift comes with a personalised collar, name tag and name. Then when you receive it you get a small adoption note in the box.

Perfect for those with a Schnauzer of their own, or for those who dream of having one.

Schnauzer Tea Towels

Shop: SweetWilliamLondon –

This beautiful tea towel is made from a luxuriously thick organic cotton, perfect for any kitchen collection. They come in two Schnauser designs, grey or black.

Personalised Schnauzer Mug

Shop: NiicaGifts –

This mug had us rolling in laughter. The perfect mug for work that depicts how much we think about our dogs while we’re apart.

The text on the front can be personalised to whatever wording suits you best. Perfect gift for the Schnauzer lover in your life.

Schnauzer Cushion

Shop: DoodlecardsBoutique –

Many dogs across the UK love lounging in the Living Room with their humans. For many pampered pooches, they even have their very own place on the sofa. Or if they’re anything like our cheeky pair, move your feet, lose your seat.

Help your recipient to mark their Schnauzers very own spot by purchasing this lovely personalised pillow. Available as a cover, or filled.

Schnauzer Keyring

Shop: Zoescrochetcreations –

Perfect for keeping your keys intact while adding a sprinkle of Schnauzer into your pocket. This crocheted keyring is so sweet, complete with the famous fluffy brows and beard. The colour of the keyring can be personalised.

Schnauzer Face Masks

Shop: BugsTogs –

In the world we are currently living in, no Schnauzer gift guide would be complete without a face mask, right? These lovely colourful masks are both soft and comfortable, safe and stylish. Click here to match your beloved Schnauzer with some matching bandana and mask sets.

Abstract Schnauzer Print Set of 3

Shop: Pixmakrs –

Saved the best till last. We love this trio of prints. It’s a dream to see a Schnauzer print to fill up a room with so much colour. The perfect gift to brighten up the place!

Schnauzer Candle

Shop: HomeAndHoundLondon –

We all love a candle, but did you know that only some of them are suitable to light around our pups? This candle is 100% dog friendly made from natural soy wax, which has been hand-poured into an apothecary style jar. There are 8 beautiful scents to choose from featuring an adorable Schnauzer on the front. What’s more? It has a 50 hour burn time! We can vision plenty of cosy nights with this candle and a snuggly Schnauzer.

Click here for more information on dog friendly candles.

Share Your Schnauzer Dog Gift Ideas

Do you have any Schnauzer gifts ideas? Pop them in the comments below to help the dog owners reading this guide.

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