5 Dog Paddling Pools That’ll Cause A Splash With Your Pooch

July means sun, fun and of course, tasty, tasty barbecues. Don’t let your furry best friend be a hot dog this summer. Keep them nice and cool with a paddling pool that they can relax in, enjoy and avoid overheating.

Why buy a dog paddling pool?

To cool your dog in hot weather

Overheating and heatstroke (link JOII overheating article) are some of the biggest dangers that face our dogs during the summer months. Certain breeds such as Pugs and French Bulldogs are prone to this condition so need to be kept cool. Similarly, long haired dogs are at risk due to sweating too much. Hot climates can be miserable experiences for dogs in general.

A dog pool will keep your pooch cool. It will also mean they can enjoy more of the summer with you in your garden provided they have access to plenty of shade. 

It is good exercise for your dog

Splashing around in the pool, jumping in and out and all the playful abandon that goes along with it is extra exercise for your dog. If the paddling pool is big enough to swim in there are also huge benefits. Swimming is a non weight bearing exercise, making it perfect for dogs with joint issues or who are overweight.

Because your dog enjoys it

Just look at a dog in a paddling pool, they love it! When shopping for a paddling pool for your dog it is important to consider the quality. If you choose one made of poor quality materials it will be torn apart within days. Cheap, blow up pools don’t fair well against excitable dogs nails and teeth.

You may wish to trim your dogs nails before they go diving into their new pool to avoid ripping the lining of the paddling pool.

Here are some of our top paddling pools picks for your dog to relax in this summer.

Frontpet Foldable Large Dog Pool Bathing Tub

This popular pool is a great summer accessory for dogs of any size. Both filling and draining the tub are easy thanks to the drain at the bottom. There is also no need to inflate the pool, it comes ready to use out of the box. The panelled sides also mean that it can be folded up and easily stored without taking up much space. It is recommended to use tarpaulin underneath the tub if being placed on a rough surface. 

Yaheetech PVC Foldable Dog Paddling Pool

This foldable paddling pool is a great choice if you have bigger dogs. Measuring 160cm x 130cm this is a great option for larger breeds like huskies. The benefit for smaller dogs is that more can fit in the pool so your pooch can have some friends over!

The puppy pool is made of waterproof and non toxic PVC making it tear-resistant and durable. It’s also an easy height for your dogs to jump in and out of meaning no spillage.

Bramble Premium Dog Pool

This model is similar to others on the market but the walls are extra high. This makes the pool slightly deeper, ideal for active dogs who would rather swim than sit. This is also a great choice for dogs that like to be submerged in the water to cool down.

The Bramble Premium Dog Pool would be a great choice for breeds like Bulldogs and Pugs who are prone to overheating. It does not need to be inflated and is made from PVC and cased in sturdy plastic.

Coco Jojo Pop Up Pet Bath

The Coco Jojo Pop Up Pool is great for those who want to cool their dog down in the summer but are short on space. Lower energy dogs who won’t get over excited in the water would appreciate this option.

Both the outer and inner plastic in this model is polyester which feels less sturdy than some of the other options on this list. However, for calmer dogs this pool will be fine. One advantage to this kind of pool is it’s a great alternative to give your dog a bath in. The Pet bath is equipped with a mesh pocket to hold dog shampoo and other products.

Dono Foldable Pop Up Pet Bath Tub

This affordable model is one of the most reasonably priced pools on this list. It is equipped with built in drainage holes and is simple and quick to pop up. Ideal for taking on staycations or for your pooch to enjoy in the comfort of their own garden.

The Dono Pop up pool comes in three different sizes so there’s something to suit your dog however big they are. It’s also easily portable and versatile as it can be filled with sand as an alternative in cooler weather for your dog to play in. 

Will your dog be causing a splash this summer?

Do you have a water pooch? Or do they prefer to keep their paws on dry ground? Let us know in the comments!


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