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8 Hilarious Dog Foodie Puns

Now, if there’s one thing we’re famous for (apart from sharing dog friendly places) it’s our tail-wagging puns. So you can imagine our woofs of joy when we came across these dog-food mashup puns.

A couple of years ago, an artist called Sarah Henson was riding her bike in the middle of Clapham Common, South London. She was hankering for a cream cheese bagel, when suddenly a Beagle whipped past in front of her. Instantly, a cartoon Beagle with the body of a cartoon bagel popped into Sarah’s head and so she started designing Dog Food Illustrations.

In the spirit of the Great Doggy Bake Off, what better time to share these illustrations. Hope they give you as much giggles as they gave us! Bone appetit.

1. Keep Your Prawns Off My Paws

Artist: Sarah Henson

2. Now This Would Be My Order At The Pub

Artist: Sarah Henson

3. This Definitely Makes Me Want To Eat Five A Day

Artist: Sarah Henson

4. Pop A Couple In My Picnic Basket

Artist: Sarah Henson

5. Forget Walkies, What About Rollies

Artist: Sarah Henson

6. Can I Have A Box Of These For Christmas?

Artist: Sarah Henson

7. Would Be Weiny Silly To Miss Out This Pun

Artist: Sarah Henson

8. With A Side Of Egg Fried Woof

Artist: Sarah Henson

Can You Think Of Any Other Dog-Foodie Puns?

Share your favourites in the comments below!


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