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Adopting a Greyhound: Lucy’s Story

Greyhounds, known for their sleek form and heartwarming eyes, stand out as one of the most ancient and noble dog breeds, with their history traced back over 4,000 years. But beyond their athletic prowess, greyhounds possess qualities that make them ideal pets for adoption. Here’s everything you need to consider if you’re thinking about welcoming one of these graceful dogs into your home.

Luke shares the tale of Lucy, a four-year-old greyhound with a diva streak as vibrant as Bette Midler’s, her birthday twin. Amidst dreams of red catsuit celebrations à la Britney Spears, Luke and his partner Richard’s dog-infused lives led them to adopt Lucy. We dive into Luke’s life with the delightful Lucy, unravelling the wonders and whims of greyhound adoption.

Our Story

Richard and I have always been barking mad about dogs, with furry friends being part of our families from a young age. My childhood was filled with the pitter-patter of paws – from Samson, a lovable mutt, to Poppy, a spirited Jack Russell, and Hannah, a dignified brindle Greyhound. These rescue pups from Shrewsbury shaped my early years. So, when Richard and I considered expanding our own pack, a greyhound felt like a natural fit, especially knowing their reputation as 45mph couch potatoes – perfect for our full-time working lives and snug South Manchester home, nestled amidst a treasure trove of dog friendly spots.

In September 2017, our hearts led us to the Lancashire branch of the Greyhound Trust, and so began the adventure of adopting Lucy. The process was meticulous, ensuring a match made in heaven between us and our future speedster. Following an insightful chat, a home visit, and a heart-melting meet-up, Lucy trotted into our lives and it’s been a whirlwind of joy ever since.

Lucy, with her diva-like charm, never fails to amuse us. She’s got this sassy yet endearing personality, reacting to the slightest crinkle of a snack packet and showing an undiscriminating love for all things cheese. Her adventures around Chorlton, our little corner of Manchester, bring smiles not just to our faces but to everyone she meets. Her presence has been nothing short of wonderful, lighting up our days with laughter and love.

FAQ on Greyhound adoption

Greyhounds can be quite a mysterious breed to those who have never met one or ever researched into adopting one or two. Here’s a couple of FAQ’s.

Do Greyhounds Need Lots Of Walking?

We are asked this question nearly every time we talk about Lucy or are out and about with her on walks. Greyhounds might be able to reach up to 45 mph during their racing careers but actually, only require 2x 20 minute walks a day.

Are greyhounds good with children?

All Greyhounds are as good with children as with any dog breed. They have a natural calm and gentle character. During their kennel life, they have been around people all of their lives and are usually incredibly people-oriented. A lot of Greyhounds are used at Pet Therapy pets and visit inpatients in hospitals.

Do all Greyhounds need to be muzzled?

All dogs are different but as a general rule, greyhounds do not need to be muzzled all the time. The recommendation from the Greyhound Trust is that you keep your Greyhound muzzled while out and about until you feel confident in your dogs behaviour around breeds of dog. We muzzled Lucy for the first seven days while she got used to our local area.

Will I always need to walk my Greyhound on a lead?

If you feel you need to let your dog off the lead, a confined space and the wearing of a muzzle is recommended. Most rescue centres will provide a collar, lead and muzzle with every greyhound as part of their adoption process. We have colourful collars and leads for walking Lucy to make up for not letting her off the lead.

Will I need a big bed for a Greyhound?

Greyhounds absolutely love anything cosy and soft to lie down on, they will take over your own bed if given half the chance. Lucy has a single quilt and covers for her bed upstairs and the same in the living room. She also loves being on our sofa – luckily it’s large enough to fit us all on – until she tries to stretch out and kick us both off.

How are Greyhounds with other dogs, cats and small pets?

Lucy is a very sociable dog and loves the company of other dogs, owners, and children. Most Greyhounds will get on well with all breeds of dog and happily live with another dog too. The rescue centre can discuss how to introduce the dogs and share tips on how to get your new Greyhound settled in your home environment. 

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  1. What a lovely introduction for anyone thinking of adopting a grey hound. What a fabulous, adventurous life she lives .. dining with cocktails ? she looks like a beautiful dog

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