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An Interview With Yorkshire Animal Therapy

Dominique Armitage Riley is a veterinary physiotherapist at Yorkshire Animal Therapy. She runs the business with her sister Zara, an animal chiropractor. They treat both horses and dogs within the Yorkshire area.

Dominique explained how she became a veterinary physiotherapist;

“I’ve always wanted to work with animals. Whilst at university I was lucky enough to do my final year at the structure and motion lab at The Royal Veterinary College. This is where my fascination with anatomy and movement began. Then, I graduated from Harper Adams University with a Post Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy”

While Dominique does still treat horses her main caseload is now dogs. She receives a huge amount of satisfaction from being able to alleviate the animal’s pain. She said;

“I’m extremely passionate about educating owners on how they can help their dogs live a pain free life.”

 Physiotherapy can help dogs with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions as well as being an important tool for general health and well-being.

One element of the service offered by Yorkshire Animal Therapy is massage.

“Dog massage therapy is a small part of the Physiotherapy service that I offer clients” Dominique explains. “It’s often something I will demonstrate to owners for them to carry out at home in between appointments.” 

Dominiques Top Tips For Massaging Your Pooch

The Key is to set the scene;

  • A distraction free zone is necessary. There should be no other dogs or people in the room.
  • Quiet. There should be a peaceful atmosphere in the room. If your dog can be reactive Classic FM On low volume is a useful tool to keep them calm.
  • Stress free. Make sure you take your time and don’t rush.
  • Create a treatment area. This can be as simple as a blanket on the floor. Just make sure you do the same routine each time so your dog knows what to expect.

Does Your Furry Best Friend Enjoy a Massage?

Does your furry best friend enjoy a massage? Let us know in the comments! If you don’t know try some of Dominiques techniques and find out!

Yorkshire animal therapy can be found on Facebook and Instagram at @yorkshireanimaltherapy where they post tips and advice. Their website is


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